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EBF and solids?

kimberley wrote: i belong to another board for aug 03 babies and it seems like i am the only one who hasn`t introduced cereal yet. i was under the impression that Jade didn`t need it until she was 6-7 months old since she is EBF. Jade still seems satisfied with the BM so i am not comfortable starting just yet. when did you all start cereal and how much?


Kaitlin'smom replied: Well my mom wanted me to feed it to her when she was 2 months old but the ped said 4 months. I did try at 4 months but she did not like it and I believe it upset her tummy, she was up all night the two times I tried, so I gave up and did not try anything again till bout 5-5 1/2 months, Kaitlin was also EBF. If she seems and is satisfied then I would wait IMO.

booey2 replied: Both my boys got it at or around 3 months, they were both mainly bottle fed after the first few weeks they were exclusively bottle fed. (supply issues and I didn't look for or ask for help at the time, wish now I had). Just listen to her cues and you will know when she needs more then what you are providind. Great job the BF'ding

kit_kats_mom replied: K never took a bottle but she nursed all the time...still does wacko.gif I tried cereal at 4 mos but she didn't care for it. I kept trying (a couple times a week) until about 6 months when she started to like it. She still isn't a chow hound though and had weight gain issues. I keep wondering if I should have pushed the solids sooner but the doc agreed that she was a great nurser and not to stress about solids.

paradisemommy replied: i ebf taven and didn't start feeding him cereal or solids until a little after 6 months..luckily my mom lives in another state because she is totally old school and if she were around, she probably would have started shoveling the rice cereal in his mouth soon after we got home from the hospital. i wouldn't worry..and don't feel bad for not introducing any earlier..i don't care if everyone else is feeding their little ones early, when i have other kids, i still won't introduce until after 6 months smile.gif

DansMom replied: I tried at 4 months and periodically after that, but didn't force the issue. I think it's better to wait until 6 months or later to introduce solids based on my own experience with Daniel, but every baby is different. He didn't get any kind of appetite for solids until about 8 months, and was only intermittently interested before then.

coasterqueen replied: Kimberly, you are right to wait until 6 months or so. It is a lot better for baby's "gut" if you do that.

Honestly I didn't know to wait at the time so Kylie got a taste of cereal at 3.75 months, about a week before she turned 4 months old. She didn't like it and we tried 2 other times and she didn't like it so we decided to wait. That's when I came across info that I should wait until 6 months. So I guess I'm glad Kylie didn't like the cereal. LOL.

Here's a really good link that explains why you should delay solids til at least 6 months of age. HTH!

Jamison'smama replied: Nothing until she was 6 months--then we tried it but didn't feed her cereal everyday until closer to 6.5-7 months--she didn't seem to need it and was completely satisfied with being ebf.

DansMom replied: I already responded, but I want to agree with the last two posts---I wish I had waited until at least 6 months. I honestly think Daniel's milk allergy is related to having solids introduced too young, but I can't prove it of course. Follow your intuition and her cues. Babies definitely do not need any solids until after 6 months. I know a baby who didn't start until 9 months, and she's fine! Especially if you're BF and your supply is keeping up with her hunger, don't push solids.

kimberley replied: thanks guys! i feel better about not starting the cereal yet. that site was really great Karen, thanks a lot! we do have a history of allergies in my family so i am glad to read the literature that supports my gut instinct. a good friend of mine started rice cereal at a month old and now her son is over 80lbs at 7yo ohmy.gif

i just wish i knew this when i had James and maybe we wouldn`t be living this Eczema nightmare that he has been going through for the past 4 yrs.

coasterqueen replied:
Glad that link helped wink.gif

Just wanted to add that my DD didn't really even start eating solids til 9 months and then it was tiny bits. It wasn't until the last few months that she really started eating solids.

You don't have to even intro cereal if you don't wanna. You can try mashed bananas or something like that. Kylie never liked the cereal so we skipped it. One less gerber product to buy, lol.

CantWait replied: I started at 4 months, about 2 tablespoons morning and night.

amynicole21 replied: Yep, I've always heard 6 mos. We actually started at 5 1/2 mos because I got anxious rolleyes.gif You're doing fine! thumb.gif

Schnoogly replied: Just adding that you don't have to start w/rice cereal. Bananas or avocado are good first choices too. Iain has always hated all cereals (will eat oatmeal occasionally when mixed with a LOT of bananas or pears).

And he didn't really start eating any solids until 11 months. Still hardly eats anything.

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