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Do you let your toddler try to dress themselves?

coasterqueen wrote: I guess I'm guilty of NOT letting Kylie try to dress herself and I probably should, huh? blush.gif I keep using the excuse that we don't have time in the morning, but I guess if I dressed her earlier we'd have the time.

Is your toddler able to dress themselves yet?

amynicole21 replied: Nope, I haven't let Sophia do it either. She tries to put on her socks, and can usually get her shoes on, but that's all.

Josie83 replied: Hi, my two and a half year old daughter Cassie practically lives in dungarees (looks like an angel but is really a complete tomboy!) and she can usually put everything on but needs help with fastenings and laces. I think my boyfriend and I always expect her to be able to do things way before kids are meant to because people are always like "what you mean she can . . . already?" but I'm sure that's not a bad thing! i wouldn't worry about it though, sometimes there really isn't enough time and patience! Love Josie xx

MommyToAshley replied: Ashley usually dresses herself. I don't have any choice, she insists on doing it herself. I do have to help her with her shirt. I have to do any buttons or snaps. I have to tie her shoes too, but not from lack of her trying to do it herself. It does take a lot longer though, so if you don't have the time in the morning, then maybe you can let her put on her PJ's at night.

coasterqueen replied:
rolling_smile.gif We may never get to bed if I let her do that. rolling_smile.gif

Sorry that was funny. I will have to let her try though wink.gif

MommyToAshley replied:
rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif LOL!

paradisemommy replied: taven dresses himself but he takes a while..especially when he is pulling up his shorts cause they always get stuck with his diaper but he eventually gets it wink.gif we don't really have to go anywhere since i'm a sahm so we have all the time in the world..if i worked now that would be a different story!!

Jamison'smama replied: Jamison cannot dress herself--probably because I don't give her the chance that often but miss impatient would never get dressed--she tries to put her shorts on and gets frustrated in 2 seconds and throws them.

5littleladies replied: Brianna tries when she gets the chance but usually ends up screaming bloody murder because she gets something stuck. tongue.gif I'm sure she will be doing everything herself before I know it though. bawling.gif

aspenblue1 replied: Isabella tries to dress herself. She usually sticks both legs in one hole then I will try to help her.

ediep replied: Jason doesn't really care about dressing himself unles I pull down his shorts to change his diaper, he immediately tried to pull his shorts right back up. He will also try to put on his shoes when he wants to go outside. He evn tries to put my shoes on me! rolling_smile.gif

3_call_me_mama replied: Cameron will sometimes dress himself, but mostly wants to pick out what he wears. He also likes to pick out my clothes, which can be quite interesting some days smile.gif As far as himself though, he can do the shorts and usually the shirt, socks give him a little trouble, but shoes and sandals are a snap. BUT it does take longer than usual, and I have to put his stuff away in matching areas or he would look like a clown some mornings!!! rolling_smile.gif

lsjulee replied:
An too. And then he will walk around with both legs in one hole, acting crazy. rolleyes.gif

Ever since An attends the Daycare, he has been insisting on dressing up and putting on shoes himself. But most ... or all of the time, I've to adjust.

coasterqueen replied:
Hee hee. This is Kylie too! I guess that's why I never pushed the subject with her. She tries to put shorts on and put both legs in one hole. When she can't get them on she starts screaming. rolleyes.gif

I guess I will *try* to let her help out more if she wants to. I don't want to be dressing her til she is a teen. laugh.gif

mummy2girls replied:
LOL... that is what jenna does too.. she will put her legs in one hole, her shirt around her neck like a scarf and her shoes on half wayLOL

MomToMany replied: I let Hannah dress herself, or try to anyway. She can get her shirt on fine, but has trouble with her pants and socks. She can get undressed completely, though rolling_smile.gif !

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