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Do they get shots at the 3 year visit?

coasterqueen wrote: Kylie has her 3 year visit Monday and Megan will have her 6 month at the same time. I know Megan will be getting shots rolleyes.gif , but didn't know about Kylie. I've tried explaining to Kylie that I'll be taking both of them to see Dr. L and she knows that Megan will get shots and she's freaking out. So it would be good to know if she'll get shots ahead of time. That way I know if I will have two meltdowns on my hands or just one. tongue.gif pthhh.gif

booey2 replied: Well here, there are to be tested for TB and the shots come before they go to Kindergarten. Thomas still has to be tested and only got his school shots about 2 weeks ago and he started JK this morning. bawling.gif

kit_kats_mom replied: As long as they are up to date on their shots, they don't get any at 3 years. At least K didn't. I had just looked at the following site yesterday. Our Pediatricians office sends out an E-newsletter once a month and this was on it

Kaitlin'smom replied: I was going to say according to my ped no more until 5 or before Kindergarden. I am NOT looking foward to those.

coasterqueen replied: Whew! That's good news! I'm not sure I can handle both of them having a meltdown from shots. rolleyes.gif tongue.gif I better let Dr. L see Kylie first though, if she sees Megan getting shots she probably won't cooperate w/him thinking she's gonna get them too.

Thanks. thumb.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied:
good idea.

Mom2Boyz replied: Obviously I don't have a 3 year old yet, but the boys ped said that Conner won't need anymore shots until he starts school.

amynicole21 replied: Were having our joint checkups tomorrow morning... I'm horrified to take both girls at the same time, and Shawn has to work so I'm on my own! blink.gif Good luck to you!

coasterqueen replied:
Good luck to you too! Let me know how it goes. thumb.gif

I know I'm freaked out about taking both at same time, but don't have a choice since I have to take off work to do it. rolleyes.gif Dh wasn't going to be in town to go with me but I think he will be now. He's not scheduled to leave (at this point rolleyes.gif ) until the 25th now. He better go with me. tongue.gif

kit_kats_mom replied: ok gals. Take some crayons for the big girls to draw on the paper that is on the table. That saves my sanity when I have to take K to the ped.

aspenblue1 replied: Isabella didn't get any shots at her 3 year visit. The dr said not until she starts school.

coasterqueen replied:
Great idea! thumb.gif I had to think about it for a second though, couldn't figure out what you meant by paper on table. tongue.gif wacko.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Maddie didn't get shots at 3, either. wink.gif Like Cary said, if they are caught up they won't need any until school starts. I can't wait to hear their stats. biggrin.gif

Amy you will do fine with the girls on your own. wink.gif I have always taken the kids to the doctor together (by myself) As a matter of fact I take them everywhere by myself. Sometimes it is crazy, but we survive. laugh.gif Cary had a great idea about the crayons. thumb.gif

MommyToAshley replied: We didn't have shots at the 3 year check up either.

Let us know how the appointment goes.

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