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Detox foot pads

DillsMommy wrote: Has anyone ever tried them? I was just wondering if they work.

Hillbilly Housewife replied: uh... are you referring to taking dry skin and callusses off etc? nothing works better than going barefoot in a pair of Fentex slippers for a couple hours wink.gif

Cece00 replied: Some show did a test on them...I think 20/20 or Dateline.

Basically, they ran a bunch of tests and figured out its a fraud.

DillsMommy replied: No, they are pads you put on your feet at night and they are supposed to detox and purify your body while you sleep. I've been wanting to try them, but it kind of sounds too good to be true. Sorry I should have explained it better.

DillsMommy replied: These things

user posted image

boyohboyohboy replied: I think it was "the doctors" they said they are completely a fraud.

My3LilMonkeys replied:
What are Fentex slippers? DH has terrible dry skin on his feet and we've tried several things with no luck.

Hillbilly Housewife replied:
They are slippers knit or crocheted with phentex... it's spelled Phentex or Fentex, depending on the brand.. it's a purely synthetic matherial, nylon I believe... anyway, wearing those slippers with no socks literally burns away the dried skin, and leaves your foot skin smooooooth. It's not uncomfortable, either. Very warm. smile.gif

lisar replied:
And where would I get those from. I want a pair.

moped replied: I want some too

Hillbilly Housewife replied: Well, you can get the matrials to make them at Walmart, Zellers, etc... and either make them yourself or get someone who knits to make them for you. I'm sure you could find some on ebay or etsy or something like that.

My3LilMonkeys replied:
Thanks! My MIL crochets, so maybe I'll see if she could make him some.

gr33n3y3z replied: if you think about it how would anyone really know if it works or not
Your skin can make anything change a color if they made the product to do that.

paradisemommy replied: foot pads are a total scam..i saw the show they did the special on..but the other ones sound awesome!! i want a pair too!! biggrin.gif

kimberley replied: the Doctors show confirmed the foot pads are a total scam.

they have aloe socks at walmart too.

jacobsmama replied:
I just saw these the other day and was like WOW!! I bet those are awesome and they weren't that expensive.

And as for detox pads, i was wanting to try them too...? hmmmm

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