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DO you follow age recommendations? - on toys

moped wrote: I never used to - but I do now. Last xmas Jack got a v smile video game thing and it said 3 plus and he was just too young at 2.5. We recently pulled it out and he is a pro - so yes I do look at the ages on toys because I hate to frustrate them!!!

Boo&BugsMom replied: Depends on the toys. I usually go by where the kids are at developmentally and know if they will play with it well. Like the game Uno. Tanner is a pro at it, but it's not recommended until age 6 or 7. But there are also other things I might not get him that says it's ok for that age. I do look at it, but I don't let it be the deciding factor.

stella6979 replied: It all depends. Obviously I won't buy her things with small parts, but she is very smart for her age and some of the toys recommended for her age don't really appeal to her.

Calimama replied: It depends, no small pieces but other than that I'm not too worried.

Bamamom replied:

HuskerMom replied: Most of the time I do. Or if I do get something that's too old for him I put it away for a while.

lisar replied: It depends on the toy really. I just go by where they are develop wise.

moped replied:
that is what I do too.

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: Same as you Jen - I used to not care, but now I do. Same scenario. I always bought things that were above their age level. They didn't get it or they didn't play with it. So now I play close attention to the age on the box.

gr33n3y3z replied: depended on the type of toy

Hillbilly Housewife replied: Depends on the toy. But then again, I can be a real witch... if there'sa toy that Zac'hs good with, bu tEMilie's not, and she gets frustrated, I tell her that if she can't do it, that's too bad, to either keep trying or to put it away...but no whining about it.

My2Beauties replied: Yeah it depends. When Hanna was younger I paid more attention because of small parts and what not, but now like the V-pocket thing, it says age 5 and she'll be 4, I think she can handle it though because developmentally she is on the same page as a lot of 5 year olds I know. She already plays with her uncle Ken Ken's playstation so I know she'll love this.

wcs40110 replied: heck no!!

luvmykids replied:
Same here. We got the twins their Leapsters way too young for them to use it correctly and enjoy it. But on other toys I don't always follow the guidelines. Macie has had Polly Pockets for as long as I can remember...she never put stuff in her mouth so I let her have them at two or whatever even though they're recommended for slightly older kids.

Brias3 replied: Toys like you described, yes, because of the educational level, but for most things, no.

Anthony275 replied: i remember playing nintendo with mature and teen games when i was 5 or 6

Boo&BugsMom replied:
Tanner has the opposite issue! emlaugh.gif That is why he hasn't gotten Magnetix yet. rolleyes.gif

holley79 replied: I do on some things. But like with the kitchens and stuff like that, no I don't.

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