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Coming-home outfit...

Danalana wrote: I have heard of the coming-home outfit, and I know that it's obviously what baby wears home from the hospital. What I DON'T know is if this is supposed to be something of the same caliber as a christening gown...or what? What I mean is, do people put a lot of thought into it? If so, do any of you have pictures of yours or can you give me an idea of where to get started? I can't embarrass my little guy by not dressing him appropriately for the big event emlaugh.gif

moped replied: Dunno - I think Jack came home in a little Gap track suit!

She will come home in a little outfit I got her I am sure! Will be nothing special

holley79 replied: Nothing fancy fancy. It was a Pink Velor little outfit. She was born when it was cold so it had a little petticoat w/ it.

lisar replied: Raygen came home in a pink camo dress, hat and blanket that my Granny made for her to come home in. And Lexi came home in a crocheted (sp?) pink and white outfit and the linning on the inside was made of silk. Granny made that also.

Our Lil' Family replied: I did have a coming home outfit for Thomas that he took his hospital pics in but it was so big on him I couldn't put it on him again just to leave the hospital. So he came home in a gown....nothing exciting...he was asleep anyway and I was not about to wake him just to put on an outfit that was way too big.

Did you find out what the baby is? Did I miss the post?
ETA: nevermind, I just found the post. Congrats!!! I love the name Cade! wink.gif

jcc64 replied: Chances are, he'll poop on it, so I wouldn't make it too precious! rolling_smile.gif

luvmykids replied: Just a gown, for all three. The little t-shirt ones.

MommyToAshley replied:
So true. laugh.gif Jeanne, we can always count on you for telling it like it is. thumb.gif

moped replied: I have never heard of a going home gown - tell me more

Our Lil' Family replied:
Just one of these regular gowns Jen...

luvbug00 replied: Mya came home in a gap outfit eith mattching booties and hat. it was white and had a bunch of little dogs on it that were blue ( no details on the dogs, just solid blue)

hoosier momma replied: I didn't pick anything special. I just brought him home in my favorite sleeper. It was about 10 degrees outside so any type of gown would have been out of the question. I think that whatever you pick is fine. I wouldn't go with anything too fancy because it will probably get ruined. And some of those cute little things are really difficult to get on a newborn and uncomfortable for them.

moped replied: I have a few of those gowns, but I just like them for a the first few weeks of life - but never knew they were "going home gowns".....LOL

PrairieMom replied: I spent time picking out something special for both my children to wear home, it was something they only wore once, and I packed it away, but it wasn't something along the lines of a christening gown by any means.

This is Al in her little dress. She totally puked in it.

user posted image

I guess I didn't get a pic of Ben in his little outfit. sad.gif How horrible of a mom am I?
It was a little white onsie that had little matching mits, booties and hat, that had silver stitching on it that said "baby" It was uni-sex because I had no idea what I was having.

Danalana replied: Tara, that's so cute! wub.gif
See, I'm not due til February 23...this IS Alabama, but it sometimes gets pretty nippy outside at that time. I'm thinking I need something warm, but I didn't wanna just stick him in a romper or something. *shrug* I don't know.

moped replied: Why not jsut a cute little outfit that you like.....

My2Beauties replied: Hanna came home in a cute sleeper because it was so cold outside and to be honest Aubrey came home in one of those white hospital shirts they give them and a diaper because all the clothes I brought were too big for her! tongue.gif

stella6979 replied: We didn't get anything fancy, just a cute little outfit.

Danalana replied: Haha, I didn't mean that the outfit should be LIKE a christening gown...I just wondered if people put that much thought into it. Just thought I would clear that up. A couple of my friends have told me they already got coming-home outfits for theirs, so I wondered if I had missed something. I'm sure we will just pick a cute outfit...or something.

Jamison'smama replied: Remember, you will be putting him in a carseat so I wouldn't do a gown--that's just me. It was warm when Jamison came home so she wore a onesie with a matching blanket. It was winter for Jack so it was just something soft and warm

Danalana replied: Oh yeah....I know it needs legs smile.gif

Mommy2Isabella replied: Bella came home in a fishy outfit we got from gymboree that was WAY to big on her! LOL, nothing fancy!

KingMom replied: We didn't know what were having when Colin arrived, so we went to Janie & Jack and bought one outfit for each sex and then returned the one we didn't need. Colin had a footed velour like sleeper with matching hat. THE MISTAKE WE MADE WAS BUYING AT 0-3 SIZE. if you want them to "fit" you should buy a newborn and not 0-3 month. Colin hardly filled 1/2 the outfit and he weighed over 7 lbs. and was 21 in long (just stating that he wasn't a "small" baby).

Lauren got a knitted jogging suit sorta. It was pink w/ a jacket and pant and the jacket had a hood. It said BABY on the front of the jacket and GIRL on the rear of the pants. We just put a light onsie underneath it since it was Aug when she came home. Also - remember no matter what the weather is outside, it's always different in the car where they will be majority of the time when you travel home. If it's hot, you'll have the AC on in the car which will be cold on the baby so make sure you have a think blanket. Even though Lauren was born in July, she wore many long sleeve onsies at home in the AC and pants to b/c they are so little they need the clothing to keep warm when not swaddled tight in a blanket. Colin was born in fall/winter time and he wore many short sleeve onsies at home since we had the heat on.

We didn't take them out much at all as babies so we dressed for indoors majority of the time.

Hope that helps.

Calimama replied: Bella came home in a onesie that said "My daddy is my hero" that she got from the hospital. Nothing fancy at all.

ETA: I recommend taking two different sizes, we bought newborn (the size BEFORE 0-3) and Bella didn't fit in that for a month and a half. So we had to go out and buy preemie stuff.

Crystalina replied: Both of mine had coming home outfits.

Izabella came home on Easter so she had the whole bonnet and dress thing. It was way too big on her because she was so so tiny.

Then with Evan I picked a duck outfit. It had the cute little hat that had a duck on it and I just loved that outfit. It was way to small for him because he was so so big. rolling_smile.gif All of his clothes were too small except for some onsies. rolleyes.gif

I put alot of thought in both outfits and it did no good either time so...

3xsthefun replied: I brought each of my kids home in a cute sleeper that I had picked out for them.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Yes, we chose something special. wink.gif

Maddie wore the same outfit I wore home from the hospital. wub.gif

Ethan wore Scotty's going home outfit. wub.gif

They were both bubble outfits and since they made clothes smaller back then, they fit our 8 pounders perfectly. wub.gif wub.gif

I intend on framing them and hanging them in their rooms...eventually.

Boo&BugsMom replied: Aiden came home in a sleep-n-play. Tanner came home in a Winnie the Pooh short and shirt outfit.

A&A'smommy replied: Alyssa wore a cute little white smocked dress, I mostly put her in that for her hospital pictures.

its kinda hard to see the smocked part in the picture but I looked and we obviously don't have any other good pictures of it sad.gif

user posted image

i say just find a really cute outfit that is comfortable and soft for him to wear home love2.gif

HuskerMom replied: Keith came home in a onsie with a blue sleeper over it and a Husker hat the hospital gave us. I'm not sure what this one will come home in. Probably something similar since it'll probably be chilly.

Sam & Abby's Mom replied:
Now, that is cool !

I framed both Sam and Abby's coming home outfits along with their birth announcement. Their hospital pictures were taken the day they came home - so their hospital pic is the picture I used for their birth announcements. I also picked out a blanket for each of them - this blanket was used as the background of their pictures. The memory frames I bought (that are displaying their coming home outfits and birth announcements) werent big enough to hold their blankets - so those are packed away.

The coming home outfits I picked for them were really cute but comfy, too. Not as fancy as baptism gowns by any means - but definitely too cute for a newborn to wear 'around the house'. KWIM ?

My3LilMonkeys replied: For both the girls, their coming home outfit was picked out special by DH, but it was nothing fancy and they definitely wore them again. Brooke had a pink one piece sleeper with a lamb on it that was given to us by a close family friend and Madison had a pink T shirt and pants outfit with cats on it that DH bought. Both were size 0-3 months and fit my big babies just fine.

~Roo'sMama~ replied: With both Andrew and Alison we went and bought a special little outfit for them to wear home while I was still pg - with Roo we had to buy a pink one and a blue one because we didn't know what he was. It doesn't have to be anything specific, it was just fun to go and get something extra cute for them to wear the first day. thumb.gif

Here's Roo's - I loved this outfit - the overalls were shorts and he wore them all summer long. happy.gif
user posted image

And here's Allie's - you can't see them but it had matching pants. wub.gif
user posted image

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