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kimberley wrote: just wondering how all us co-sleeping parents are doing? i have always believed in co-sleeping and nursing on demand but what i wouldn't give for one uninterrupted night of sleep! wacko.gif Jade still gets up 1-2 times a night to nurse and is an active sleeper. i can't tell you how many times i have been woken up by a little foot kicking me in the head or tummy wacko.gif God made babies cute so we couldn't toss them out a window at 4am lol. rolling_smile.gif (can you tell i am tired today lol)

for those of you who have a child who sleeps alone, how and at what age did you do it?


Josie83 replied: Cassie sleeps on her own and always has done, I never even thought of having her in our bed. She'll very rarely come into our bed on a morning or at about five if she wakes up, but apart from that she's in her own bed in her own room. Its always been that way. We had a cot for her in our room the first few months she was born but then we put it in her room. i can't imagine sleeping in a bed with her all the time, she's a wriggly little thing like me! But good for you doing it with your baby! xx

DansMom replied: Daniel cosleeps, and I never get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I answered "Can't you see the bags", but the second answer is also true. Because I work full time, I really value having him near me overnight and having some extra snuggle time. I think when it is time to transition, it will be harder for me than it is for him. But I'll still have DH wink.gif

Daniel still wakes up a couple of times a night.

kit_kats_mom replied: First Kim, have Jamie take over one night and go sleep on the couch. That's the only way my sanity was saved. DH slept with her on Saturday nights so that I could rely on at least one good night of sleep a week.

We transitioned K from our bed to the crib mattress on the floor of our room at about 15 mos. That worked pretty well but either DH or I always ended up going to sleep with her on the floor.

When we moved, we put the mattress in her room and an air mattress for one of us next to her bed. She sleeps in there on her own now most nights. She does occasionally wake up in the middle of the night and DH or I will go in and sleep next to her.

Kaitlin'smom replied: I said other I did co-sleep with Kaitlin for the first couple months, it was the only way I could get some rest ( I never really slept) while I nursed her, when it was getting time for me to go back to work I transition her back to her crib, she did really well, I started with naps and then when I would nurse her to sleep she I woul dput her in her bed and the time got longer and longer, I think it took me about 2 weeks to finally get her totaly settled in her bed.

Oh and I have yet to get one night of inturrepted sleep in oh about 2 years now, between Kaitlin, DH and sometimes the cats.......I so need a bout a week or so to get rid of these dark circles under my eyes.

kimberley replied: the problem with Jamie "taking over" for a night is that i fool myself into believing i am actually going to get sleep but she will cry and he will bring her to me to nurse her anyways, so there is no point. i don't know if it is the constant teething (poor girl sad.gif ) or early separation anxiety but anytime i put her down in my bed, mattress on the floor, playpen... doesn't matter, she wakes up within 15-20 minutes crying. and i make sure she is sound asleep before i leave her or put her down. i really don't believe in CIO. it makes me cry sad.gif just seems the only way she will sleep these days is with me. makes for taking care of a house and two other kids a little difficult. wacko.gif

MomToMany replied: We co-sleep "on demand", like when one of the kids wakes up from a bad dream or something like that. I love snuggling with them at night when they come in with us.

alice&arik replied: Arik co-slept with me as a baby and he was really good about sleeping in his own bed for the past year and some. But since we moved up here and I was staying with a friend, he slept with me. Now he doesn't want to sleep in his bed. It is really annoying since I only have a twin bed, there isn't much room. But hopefully he will go in his own bed and I can start enjoying my nights sleep again. dry.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: We do what Mollie does. Co-sleep on demand. Maddie co-slept after birth a little longer than Ethan did. Probably for about 6 months. Ethan was so ready to be in his bed. He sleeps better in there. wink.gif

Good luck on getting some rest. grouphug.gif Co sleeping or moms still don't get the rest we need.

ediep replied: Jason sleeps in his own crib in his room. We had him sleeping in a basinette in our room for about 2 months after he was born.

Nowm if I even try to put him in bed with us, he thinks its playtime...he climbs on us, tries to get down and run away, there is no way he would sleep in my bed

maestra replied: Co-sleeping normally works well for us, but lately Jaci has been having night-terrors and waking up in the middle of the night and staying up. Other than that, I don't mind it too, much, but would like to start to transition her once she gets back on a decent schedule.


amynicole21 replied: We're somewhere between "can't you see the bags" and "I love snuggling" wink.gif She's actually slept straight through until at least 5am for the past 4 DAYS!! I am beyond thrilled tongue.gif

coasterqueen replied: Well I voted "other" but we are between "can't you see the bags" and "I love snuggling". laugh.gif I absolutely LOVE co-sleeping/snuggling with Kylie but with another baby coming I'm trying to be realistic and realize that she needs to start sleeping in her own bed...or sleep with DH. tongue.gif

We cannot fit 4 people in our little queen size bed and there's not an option to get a king.

We used to full-time co-sleep then went nicely to partial co-sleeping and now we are back to full-time cosleeping. rolleyes.gif

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