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Christmas pic - of Emerald

Emeraldsmom wrote: She didn't smile but I still think it came out good. Just wanted to share. Thanks everyone.

Insanemomof3 replied: She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! wub.gif

martzfam27 replied: so cute! lovely pic

Emeraldsmom replied: ooops the pic is too big. Can someone pretty please resize it for me? I dont really know how. Thank you.

kimberley replied: wub.gif awww she's beautiful! great pic! tfs smile.gif

Mom2Boyz replied: She is beautiful!!!! wub.gif wub.gif Even without a smile wink.gif

A&A'smommy replied: awwwwwww OMG she is beautiful!!!!! love2.gif love2.gif

ETA: I resized it for you!! tongue.gif

CantWait replied: It's lovely, and as connorsmommy said, even without the smile smile.gif

Emeraldsmom replied: Thanks everyone!

3xsthefun replied: She is so pretty! wub.gif

Sarah&Mackenzie replied: She's a cutie!!

5littleladies replied: What a cutie! wub.gif

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