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Can't believe this happened

mammag wrote: I haven't been around this week because we have had a family crisis. Chris lost his job last Wed. The company hasn't been doing well and they got rid of several people. The reason, however, that they gave was for using the internet for personal use against company policy. So I guess any of you who are at work might want to be very careful.

He has worked there for 14 years, had been promoted various times, always got good reviews. It's really crappy the way they did it.

He's very down right now, feels like he's let us down. It's just a really stressful, bad time for us right now.

I would appreciate any prayers and good thoughts that he finds something very soon. I'm so afraid his anxiety and depression now will hamper his search.

I should have let you all know what was going on sooner but it's hard to even talk about and I've just been trying to get to a feeling of being okay.

We have enough for minimum expenses and bills to get to March so that is good. We talked to the kids and they were understanding about Christmas being light this year but it was a very hard conversation to have with them.

Please if you would all say a prayer that we come out the other end of this okay, I would greatly appreciate it.

cameragirl21 replied: oh gosh, that's awful, Jeanie. I will certainly keep your family in my prayers.
As for the personal email...does he have a company handbook? If so, see if it explicitly says anything about not being allowed to use the company computer for that. If not, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.
I know it's a PITA but you never know, if you the company feels threatened they may give him his job back...of course they'll just be waiting for another reason to fire him but it's income until he finds something else.
What kind of work does he do?
I've heard that UPS is hiring for part time staff and paying fulltime benefits for part time work. It's not ideal and not exactly suit and tie work but if they are hiring then it's money and benefits till he finds something else. At this time of year, I imagine companies like UPS are pretty busy.
Good luck and take care.

Danalana replied: I'm so sorry! I will pray that he finds something even better than he had!

boyohboyohboy replied: I am so sorry things have gone the way they have..
Do you think that they used that reason for letting him go so they wouldnt have to pay our unemployment? or at least have a reason to fight it?
that really does seem like a horrible thing to do at this time of year.
my prayers are with you and your family, and that he will find something he really likes soon.

DillsMommy replied: hug.gif hug.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: hug.gif totaly know how you feel. My DH was let go early sept and most places are telling him they are not hiring till next year. I hope he finds something and soon. hug.gif

mammag replied:
That is what we are thinking was behind it. He talked to some guys at Corporate that he used to work with before getting promoted and they said they think the guy who replaced him over there is on thin ice. They said it seems they are looking for a reason to get him out too and he was with the company a while as well so they probably don't want to pay out benefits when the company isn't doing well in this economy. He's IT so we haven't seen a lot of jobs out there. He's definitely willing to do whatever it takes to bring in some money in the mean time and I have a couple of interviews for more babysitting.

mckayleesmom replied: I'm so sorry you are going through this Jeanie. I hope things turn around for you soon. Tons of prayers that they need an awesome IT guy soon somewhere.

3xsthefun replied: I'm so sorry. hug.gif I hope he finds something else soon.

My2Beauties replied: My prayers are with you guys, I know this must be really hard. I'm so sorry! sad.gif hug.gif

lisar replied: hug.gif hug.gif

moped replied: Oh I am so sorry....hugs to all of you!

I am CERTAIN he will find a new job soon. I was in the same boat 3 weeks ago and I have a job now that is better than ever.

What does he do? Computer stuff right????

jcc64 replied: I'm very sorry to hear this, Jeanie. It's bad enough to lose a job, but to have it done in such a way is really demoralizing and just plain crappy. That's a company that doesn't have any conscience whatsoever. Is it all possible for him to re-negotiate the terms of the dismissal- as in, can the company revise the official reason so that it doesn't impact his future employability or unemployment eligibility?
I'm sure he's got very marketable skills- it's a rough time to be looking for work, but if he's flexible, something will turn up eventually. Everyone needs IT. Best of luck to you.

MommyToAshley replied: I think he should still file for unemployment and if it is denied, I would request a review or hearing (whatever they call it) and have him bring his positive reviews and describe his promotions. It really does seem like they used that as an excuse to let him go without paying unemployment as that seems like something that would deem a warning, not firing for the first offense. (check the handbook to see what it says for first offenses too) It wouldn't hurt to go ahead and file for unemployment while he is looking.

I'm sorry you are going through this, it must be especially difficult at Christmas. I think a lot of people are going to have a light Christmas, including us. At least you are prepared and have some savings, you are ahead of most people.

I hope he finds the perfect job that matches his skills and recognizes his abilities. hug.gif

mom21kid2dogs replied: So sorry to hear such bad news, Jeanie! hug.gif hug.gif
Praying he finds something wonderful . . . .soon!

Maddie&EthansMom replied: It's so difficult to go through this around the holidays. We were in the same position a couple of years ago. I'm so sorry, Jeanie. I will be praying he finds something better, soon.

Calimama replied: I'm so sorry. To fire someone whose been such a good employee for so long for something so silly is awful. I'll keep you guys in my prayers. hug.gif hug.gif

luvmykids replied:
That was my thought, too. I'm sorry, he must feel like they totally pulled the rug out from under him. I hope things turn around quickly and he finds a great job soon hug.gif hug.gif

boyohboyohboy replied:
yes he should still apply and go to the hearing..
my dh's company tried to fight his and we were told that most of the time they do try to fight it, but they have to prove intentional harm to get it dismissed and dh ended up getting his entire payout.

it would be worth a try..and it was dh's record and previous history with the company that they looked at also...

boyohboyohboy replied: oops I wanted to add that he can fill it all out on line and its really not a hassel and then go to just the one hearing that you are notified by mail about..

CantWait replied: hug.gif hug.gif I'm sorry, you guys are in my thoughts. Hope he finds something soon.

Boo&BugsMom replied: I'm so sorry to hear this. hug.gif If anything, I think they did it that way so they wouldn't have to pay a severence package. It is very hard for employers to win in unemployment court. Usually the employee let go always wins. I once fired a girl for child abuse, and she got unemployment still! growl.gif

Anways, I hope this will all be a blessing in disguise. hug.gif Troy was unexpectedly unemployed around this time of year a few years ago as well, and I know it's the worst time, but everything will work out. hug.gif

Boo&BugsMom replied:
I've been told UPS is a wonderful company to work for! Great benefits, pay, and very family orientated. Unless I have been told wrong, I'd tell him to apply there. He can always work his way up with all the experience and education he has behind him.

BAC'sMom replied: I'm so sorry! hug.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: sorry hun to hear this keep u in our prayers

boyohboyohboy replied:
thats a really good idea, thats what dh did, and he got offered a job that is to start in Jan and will work it part time..
and now works at the you have a citi financial near you? they are hiring and dh loves that job....
but post office is the best wage and bennefits right now

My3LilMonkeys replied: hug.gif hug.gif That really sucks - I'm so sorry.

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