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Brianna's Christmas Dresses

~CrazieMama~ wrote: I am not sure which dress she will wear. I am stumped. I was thinking the purple on, but not sure. What do you think?

~CrazieMama~ replied: 1.

~CrazieMama~ replied: 2.

coasterqueen replied: I think the first one is beautiful!!!!! I'm not a big fan of "having to wear red or green" for Christmas, so I really like that one. I like the black one too, but I couldn't make it out as well in the pic you provided wink.gif She'll look cute in either one, though wink.gif

kimberley replied: they are both so adorable but i LOVE #1. i can't wait to see pics of her in it. she will look soooo cute! wub.gif

Mommieto2Girls replied: I like #1. I'm not so sure about black for christmas.

momma2jenna replied: I like the first one, it's very soft and sweet looking wub.gif

~CrazieMama~ replied: I figured the purple one would win. I just wanted other opinions on it before I made me decision. Brianna has not worn the purple one yet. I was waiting for the temperature to cool down some. Still summer weather here. rolling_smile.gif

chloe&tysmommy replied: I like them both .... but I pick #1 biggrin.gif She'll look so adorable in it wub.gif

booey2 replied: I love the first one, thumb.gif it is so pretty and feminen. Dh would love a girl to dress up in pretty clothes. He used to pick out the christmas presents for our nieces when they were younger and their party dresses were under $50 to buy.

She will look cute.

paradisemommy replied: #1!! smile.gif

A&A'smommy replied: i think is very cute! Cant wait to see the pictures!!!

Kaitlin'smom replied: the first one!

mummy2girls replied: I like the 1st one. purple is such a nice color and i bet she will look so beautiful.

3xsthefun replied: I like the first one also. I think it is adorable biggrin.gif

aspenblue1 replied: I like #1 the best.

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