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mckayleesmom wrote: am I the only one that has 1 bra they wash over and over again because it is the favorite comfy one??....I have tons of bras....I just chose to wear this one ALOT....I usually only wear the others when this one is in the washing machine rolling_smile.gif

ammommy replied: I have 2 favorites that I rotate. One cream and one black, but the same style.

Boys r us replied: Guilty!!! I have two dressser drawers full of NOTHING but bras, but I have one favorite!

luvbug00 replied: I have 3 good ones

1.cotton for daily

1. semi padded for those cold winter nights in a sheer top for parties & clubs

1. ultra push up when the girls nees a boost! emlaugh.gif

moped replied: No, I am a bra whore......................have a gazillion and only buy ones I love. Some jsut regular, some push up, some for color only, etc..................for all occasions!!! I have about 25 I bet!!!!! But htey all have to provide a fair bit of support for me to be happy

Hillbilly Housewife replied: I have about 8 now... i gave some to my mom.

I really only wear 2 or 3 of them... but i don't weart them lately... only to get out of my house...cuz they're too tight. tongue.gif

Mommy2BAK replied: Thats what I used to do, but I just bought 2 more just like my favorite one so I can rotate them, one white, one black, and one nude color. smile.gif

Sarah&Mackenzie replied: Yep I have two favorite one's. 1 black and 1 white and they are the same kind.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: It is really hard for me to find the perfect bra. I thought I found it until I lost weight and now it is saggy b/c it seems I lost all my weight in my BB's. tongue.gif So, the search goes on. I have a couple that I like best, but I just dont' ever think to buy bras for some reason. blush.gif I guess I need to buy them more often. I wear them until the wires pop out and they have holes in them. rolling_smile.gif

My2Beauties replied: I have two that I rotate between, one black and one cream colored one, they are different bras, one pushes up more and has some padding blush.gif and the other just has underwire with light padding, i can't wear bras without padding, beacuse I would look totally boobless! blush.gif

MyLuvBugs replied: Oh I hate bras. I've got 3 that I like, but I only wear them if I'm going out of the house. lol laugh.gif

Mom2Boyz replied: I have several bras, but only one that REALLY fits. It's hard to find a nice comfy bra when you're a 38H blush.gif blush.gif blush.gif
I'm seriously thinking about a breast reduction when I'm done breastfeeding!!!!

Kaitlin'smom replied: me to I have well I dunno how many anymore and really only wear 2 of them blush.gif I need to find them all and start wear some of the others. i to tend to wear them till they are so worn out, same with undies blush.gif

A&A'smommy replied: OH yes ONE bra and but they don't last me too long because I wear them out.. I NEED a sports bra wink.gif

amynicole21 replied: I hate ALL of my bras. It's so hard for me to find a good nursing bra that fits properly. I need an underwire, but can never find one that doesn't poke me in my armpits. blink.gif

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