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tetesweetie wrote: Hey guys~
Just wondering for those of you that will not be nursing your little ones, what type of bottle system are you going to be using for your little bundles? There are so many to choose from and I haven't had a baby in 8 yrs so I am clueless to the most significant bottles that are best for baby. Any advice would be great.


mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: I'm going to BF , but I also buy the Avent brand bottles...I like them the best. They sell a Newborn Starter Kit which IMO has pretty much all you need for the first couple months.

aspenblue1 replied: I BF but when I use a bottle it Dr Browns. I love them.

MyBlueEyedBabies replied: We have had the most consistent luck with Vent Aire. Liked Advent for a while, tried Dr. Browns to help with colic. But Vent Aire have stayed at the top of our list

Sarah&Mackenzie replied: I used the Avent bottles. I liked them never had a problem unless you put the lid on to tight they will leak.

ediep replied: we used the playtex nurser for Jason...its the ones with the bags. I liked how we could squeeze all the air out so he got less gas and less spit up

I'll prob use them again

coasterqueen replied: Honestly I think it depends on the kid. I Bfed my 1st, but she took EBM in a bottle at daycare and the only bottle she would take was the Dr. Brown. I thought I could use the Dr. Brown with my second (bf her too) but she refused and would only take the Platex nurser.

moped replied: Playtex nurser with the drop in liners - Love them

luvmykids replied:
Same here. They now have a "variety pack" of nipples so you can experiment too.

My3LilMonkeys replied: We just used the regular bottles that you can buy anywhere - no particular brand & nothing fancy about them. They worked just fine for my girls.

ashtonsmama replied:
When we give Ashton a bottle (which has only happened three times so far) we always use Avent bottles and he seems to have no problem going from boob to bottle.

LoganAndAubreesMommy replied: Dr Brown's is the BOMB!!! HIGHLY reccommend them. Since I'm nursing, I use Playtex disposable with dropins. Easier when you're nursing....

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