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Blogs Rock!! - I did one!

luvbug00 wrote: Hey all, I took Mckaylees moms' advice and started a blog and it is awsome! biggrin.gif It's room to vent without bothering everyone and you can respond there. Here's mine! plus no money Involved whooohoooo!!!!

Insanemomof3 replied: I am thinking about doing one too. blush.gif

b&bsmom replied: Ok. Have to say it was fun to do. Mine is at great way to relax or vent. Thanks for the tip biggrin.gif

JessC replied: I know, I love it too! biggrin.gif

mckayleesmom replied: Told you...woo hoo...It's a nice way to get things off your mind. Relieves Stress.

Josie83 replied: thumb.gif xx

Candee replied: I had mine deleted cause I didn't use it... bawling.gif Another blog site is Xanga & you could pay very little for extra features! Try it!

Jaimee (1-7-04)
Ryan (3-2-05)

coasterqueen replied: I think I might like blogging. wink.gif I really would like to have one so I can write out all my frustrations, wants, etc when it comes to my relationship with DH and myself as a mother. Ya know, like therapy. Especially since I can't get my fool of a husband to go to therapy together. dry.gif I don't mind if people read it I guess but can you keep them more private?

moped replied: Cool.........but I don't understand them. I have heard of them - can you help me?

mckayleesmom replied: can click on the box marked Private if you don't want people to read it.

coasterqueen replied: Cool, thanks. thumb.gif

mckayleesmom replied: yepper

Kaitlin'smom replied: so how do you start one?

mckayleesmom replied: just go to and register...then its pretty easy to figure out from there.

booey2 replied: bump.gif bump.gif bump.gif bump.gif bump.gif
wavey.gif Bumping this up to thank all you suggested Blogging to us. It is awesome. Thanks again. thumb.gif

mckayleesmom replied:
Its basically your online journal....You can make it private...for only you to see...or public to let people read it and get feedback.

HannaSpears replied: I have one! Here's the link. Hanna's Blog

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