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Big brother in training

PrairieMom wrote: My little man is getting so excited for his little sister to get here. We have been praticing hard what it means to be a big brother.

This is him "feeding" his baby in the nursary. You would think I set that room up just to be a play room for him and his baby. He rocks him, and puts him to sleep in the crib, He puts him in the swing, and reads him stories... Yesterday he told me "shhhh, babies sleepin!" when I went in there!

user posted image

And this is him reading "Baby Lexus" a story. please excuse my pajamas! laugh.gif

user posted image

mammag replied: That is sooooo sweet! wub.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: What a sweetheart! He will be a great big brother.

lisar replied: Awww that is the cutest thing. He will be a great big brother for sure.

3xsthefun replied: Aww..So sweet!!

Kaitlin'smom replied: that is so adorable, he is going to be a great big brother

1lilpeanut2love replied: How adorable is that! HE looks so darn cute! wub.gif wub.gif I love that he is reading to your pregnant belly. We used to read to Kaylee all the time. It definitely had an effect on her!! wink.gif

BAC'sMom replied: Awww so sweet he'll make a GREAT big brother

JP&KJMOM replied: That is absolutely the cutiest thing. Glad he is excited too. wub.gif

MyLuvBugs replied: Awwwwww!!! wub.gif What a good big brother. wub.gif wub.gif I wish Lorelei would do that. She only gives her baby doll kisses and then throws it on the floor. laugh.gif

PrairieMom replied:
rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

I am anticipating that he will be really good about the baby for a day, MAYBE two, then the novilty will wear off. Either that, or he will be such a doting big brother that he will correct me on my parenting all the time and drive me nuts. huh.gif laugh.gif We will have to see which one it ends up being! laugh.gif

Mom2Boyz replied: Ohhh look at how sweet he is wub.gif wub.gif HE will make a great big brother.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Those pictures are priceless!! How sweet!! wub.gif He's going to be great with the baby. love2.gif

AlexsPajamaMama replied: How wonderful is that!! What a cute age to become a big brother too! smile.gif

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