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Baby Shower Ideas

~CrazieMama~ wrote: Looking for the perfect baby shower game? Need inspiration when it comes to giving out favors? Find ideas here and share your own!

Don't Cry Mommy!

Object of the game: To acquire as many pins from other guests and win the doorprize.
How to play: Each guest is handed a diaper or clothes pin when they arrive. Have each guest listen for others to say the mommy's name. The guest who catches another saying the mommy's name is allowed to take the pin (or as many pins as she is wearing) away from the person who said the mommy's name.

Baby Bag!!

Purchase 2 of each of some common baby products, such as a rattle, diaper, pacifier, etc. and place each set in a separate bag. Pass the bag among your guests and give each 20 seconds to feel the items. Have them write down as many items as they can identify as soon as they pass the bag onto the next guest. The person who guesses the most items correctly wins! After the game is over, the mother-to-be will have those items in the bags!

These are just a couple to get you started. Post ideas you have.

CantWait replied: Sniff the diaper:

put products in a diaper (peanut butter, mustard, salad dressing) and have guest sniff or look inside each diaper and guess what's inside it. To make it truly more disgusting, make them take a taste of it. The thought of dipping my finger in a diaper and tasting it isn't so appealing to me, but I've seen it done.

Blindfold baby food tasting:

Blindfold participants, and give them a taste of baby food. Have them guess what kind it is. It's more fun if you get the yuckier stuff like peas and carrots.

paradisemommy replied: at my shower, they purchased about a dozen different jars of baby food - took off all the labels and you had to guess what it was - the jar was still closed so there was no tasting or smelling.

word scrambles are always fun too..with a time a couple minutes..

Mommy2BAK replied: AT my baby shower my g-ma in law did this game where she would say part of a nursery rhyme and we would have to fill in the blank (example "who jumped over the moon") ya see? And at the end she gave me a big book full of Nursery Rhymes! It was cute!

LootingSawyer replied: I found a pack of cards at Wal-mart that are baby trivia. they're made by the people who make the baby name book with the clouds on it. Seems like a good way to brush up on things to me.

KindredSpirits replied: My sister told me a good one...

Put the Mommy's and Daddy's name down and have the guests in a certain time limit write down as many "baby name" combos they can make from the parents names. Whichever with most names wins.
If the Mommy already knows the sex of the baby, you can make them write only names of the sex that she's having...

akbutterfly83 replied: we went to a party/craft store, adn bought little plastic baby's and put then in the ice tray.....they were then in the center of the ice cube..... and everyone got one, and they had to melt it... whoever melted it first got a prize... you couldn't brake the cube or bit it... just melt it with your body......

we went to walmart, and got little trinkits for prizes.... like in the b-day isel, there are little note books, shopping lists that have magnents on the back for the fridge.... we did coffee mugs that had sweet sayings..... then they also have little wind chimes that have a plac conected that say something nice too..... there were alot of other stuff....

we played a memory game to..... where you take like 15-20 items and set them out... let everyone look for 15-20 seconds... and then take them away... they then have to write them down on a pice of paper, and who ever had the most correct got a prize....

Then we bought pin the diapir on the baby, and baby bingo, from a party supply store....

Hope you figure it all out... and have fun....

Jaime replied: I found some games online actually, one im doing for my babyshower is a baby shower word scramble, its just a bunch of words dealin with babies and baby things all scrambled up the person who unscrambles the most wins.

pinniy replied: At my baby shower, and a baby shower I hosted not too long after mine (both of which were co-ed), we played:

The safety pin game: You take a bowl of rice and put a bunch of safety pins and mix it around. Then, you blind fold each person, and have them pull out as many pins as they can w/OUT rice. Trust me, it sounds and looks easier than it really is.

The string game: That's when everyone cuts a piece of string, yarn, ribbon, etc, at the length they believe fits perfectly around the M2B's belly. Whoever is closest WINS.

The clothespin game: Each person gets 3 novelty clothespins at the beginning of the shower. Each time someone catches another person saying the word, "baby," they get to take one of their clothespins. At the end, whoever has the most, wins.

Baby Item Memory Game: There is a tray with 20 baby items, the host/hostess shows it to everyone. She briefly walks it around the room, to each person, and then puts it up. Everyone then has to write down as many items as they can remember w/in a time limit. The person w/ the most correct items on their list wins.

I could go on and on about shower games. I'm sure they're all published somewhere in a book, or on the web (of course). These were just a few of my favs, along with baby bingo, and the scambled baby words. If you check out Wal-Mart, Target, party stores, and such, you can even find some little books with wonderful ideas, and sometimes props.

As for prizes, for the one I hosted, I hit up the Wal-Mart clearance isle. I got a poker glass set of 4, for under $5. A "dollar" store is another great place to find some wonderful little prizes, that won't break you.

holley79 replied: When we had my baby shower we had a diaper raffel. Everyone brought a package of diapers to be entered into a drawing for a Gift certificate to Olive Garden. We didn't play games because there were too many people. We did pass around a tape recorder to each of the moms to give "advice". blink.gif

EvesMom replied: This is a weird game that was played at my baby shower.
Each guest was given a piece of paper and a crayon. They has to hold the piece of paper on their forehead and draw a baby on it. Whoever drew the best baby won a prize.
I found this very entertaining. emlaugh.gif

Esseilte replied: At my best friend's shower, we played a game, where we were broken up into several teams, and each team was giving about 50 diapers, and whichever team could make the tallest tower out of the diapers won. It was a lot harder than you'd imagine.

V. =)

jaytrevjax replied: I know this thread was made a long time ago, but I have some fun games also:

You get a bunch of baby/parenting magazines and some celebrity magazines. You cut out the bodys of babys and young kids and the heads of celebrities. You glue the heads on the bodys and pass them around and have guests guess who the baby is. They can get 2 pnts for the whole name and 1 pnt if they either know one of the names or what they do. (actress,singer, movie they were in ect.) Most pnts win.

this is a spin on the popular game Cranium. There is actually a game you can buy that is already put together. On A group of local friends (here in Utah) put it together and it is fun! I don't know if you've played cranium before, but you have teams and you can draw, mold or act out pregnancy lingo. It's fun!!!

Brias3 replied: Not really a "game" idea but at my shower with Ryan, my sister (who organized it) came up with the idea of the baby gift being something that represents the giver (whether it be something additional to a registry gift or the gift itself). I thought this was a super cute idea since I had a small shower with only family and friends who were going to be close to and a part of my child's life. Two of the most memorable gifts were a painting that matched the nursery from my sister (she's an awesome artist and it still hangs in his room to this day) and then a box with three little pairs of miniature Puma baby shoes from my friend who literally spends about 90% of her life in Puma shoes emlaugh.gif

2BMom replied: For a Co-ed baby shower, I heard of them doing...

Fill baby bottles full of beer and whoever could finish their bottle of beer first won. I guess it is very difficult to drink beer through the nipple.


ashtonsmama replied:
That's a good one...

JamieR replied: Tie long thread to an apple and try eating it without holding it, keeping the hands folded back, this can be tried in baby shower and other occasions, its a great fun game.....hope u all will like it too.

Katrinadoodle replied:

I love all of these! I'm so using them for my shower later this month!

Some other games I like:
Bottle bowling -Set up 10 baby bottles in a triangle shape starting with 1 in the front (might work best in a hallway type area or on an outdoor patio). Give guests a tennis ball or other small ball, and have them try to knock down all 10 "pins". Person with the best score wins.

Bottle ring toss - Take the nipple rings off several baby bottles. You can either set up some sort of container (like a baby bathtub) and have guests toss the rings into the container from a fair distance away, or make it horseshoe style by having them try to toss the rings around a bottle nipple.

Blind-folded Diaper Change - Get a baby doll (dressed in a diaper) and diapers, baby wipes, and baby powder and have the blind-folded guest take the original diaper off, wipe, powder, and re-diaper the doll. (We did this at my aunts shower and my cousin kept dropping the doll! rolling_smile.gif)

ADAMINAA replied: Have an outdoor baby shower since the weather is warming up. Make sure to check the weather report to make sure if you should layer or not. Plan early as venues start to get busy during the warmer seasons.

childtocherish replied: Nice and interesting ideas.....
My favorite one are drink beer with nipple bottles and to taste the mustard sauce in diapers. There are so many ideas which are new to me....
Thanks for sharing them..

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