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Baby Names - We have been thinking tonight -

mom2my2cuties wrote: In order to keep from stressing over Mikee stuff and keep me from cursing and screaming to no end! And Jeanie's post made me decide to ask you guys for some suggestions. smile.gif I have first names picked out but no middle names yet so that is where I need the help

Anyway -

We have picked out the names for future baby

Boy - Christopher

Girl - Rebecca or Elizabeth

We like VERY traditional names. (Kids are named Michael and Andrea with common middle names)

mckayleesmom replied: Ok just opened up a can of worms...I love helping name babies...

I would personally go with

Christopher James

Elizabeth Grace

mom2my2cuties replied: I like Elizabeth Grace...But someone mentioned that one tonight in another thread. I LOVE baby names. My husband said Elizabeth May and for some reason I just DON"T like that.

And he also suggested Rebecca Lynn But that sounds like a country singer, and considering I live in a suburb of Nashville, not a bad choice really.

And he suggested Christopher Daniel

ETA - I like the name Christopher Aaron. Or Aaron Christopher. But he doesn't like the name Aaron for a first name.

mckayleesmom replied: I like Daniel too......Im not fond of Rebecca...I don't know why...Probably cause I had a friend named Rebecca as a child and she was really snotty and manipulative....I have a habit of associating certain names with people I don't like.

How about Elizabeth Danielle?

mom2my2cuties replied: Although - I just thought of something....

Our last name is Taylor - We probably don't want to name a girl Elizabeth smile.gif

mckayleesmom replied:
Oh ya...LOL...

How about Dannielle Elizabeth Taylor

This way you get the Elizabeth you like and the Daniel part he likes....but not really Elizabeth Taylor

mom2my2cuties replied: Well I LOVE the name Danielle, but it's my brother in laws wife's name.

mom2my2cuties replied: But that really isn't a problem because I really like her, but think it would get confusing with the same name in the family smile.gif

Our Lil' Family replied: I have a friend named Rebekah Rose.....I think it's pretty.

mckayleesmom replied:
How about Daniella...with an A at the end to distinguish the difference....And you can always call her Danny because you have an Andy too.

mom2my2cuties replied: Yeah we call his wife Dani. smile.gif

mckayleesmom replied:
Well crud....we need a new name then....or you can call her Ella

mom2my2cuties replied: Ella works smile.gif

Or Ellie (Like the mammoth on Ice Age 2)

mckayleesmom replied:
I like Ellie too....Like that girl on Degrassi......Don't ask me why Im 26 years old and watching Degrassi... blush.gif

redplaydoh replied: I'm horrible at coming up with names... but I know a mom here that has two precious girls and I LOVE the names she gave them. Livia and Lorena. Another name I heard that I love for a girl is Elexis.

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