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Baby Names - U/S coming up soon

siblingtoolivia wrote: OK, so my u/s is on July 31st, can't wait by the way, it is killing me.......I am dying to know what this little bugger all think girl, honestly I think so too, my husband is one of 4 boys, there are about 13 grandchildren between the 4 boys and only 2 are boys....odds are its a girl......but anyway, of course, healthy is all I am after but a little boy would be a nice compliment to my little girl....

Anyway, names, names.....

Here is what we like - sorry it isn't very narrowed down yet....



If its a boy the middle name would definately be Edward after my DH's dad girl's middle names are way up in the air, depends on what sounds good with the first name....we like fairly normal names but not ones that can be shortened...that is the problem with some of the girls names....

What's everyone's opinion?? Of course I will ask again when I know for sure and we have narrowed it down but BE HONEST.

moped replied: ummmmm, for boy I like Evan I think
And girl, I like Amanda

ashtonsmama replied:
Good choice Jen. Here's your $10 bucks.
Actually Amanda sounds more adult IMO, so for girls I'd say either Natalie or Madison. For a boy, I like Travis or Connor.

mamasbigbaby replied:
Silly! wub.gif

Nina J replied: For a boy I like Brandon, for a girl I like Katie (because Emily's nickname is Katie, I guess I'm predisposed to like it wub.gif )

CantWait replied: Evan and Courtney.

mamasbigbaby replied: Trevor Dylan and Courtney Madison wub.gif

Geoff replied: I am having the same problem tryin to figure out a name for my baby. We want a unique name but something that does sound good at the same time. It is a lot harder then we thought it would be. Hope you pick a name you will love. Oh yeah we thought that if our baby is a boy we were makin the middle name Edward as well.

Jackie012007 replied: dito.gif I've always hated my name and want to give the beaner a good but not so common name... YAY on finding out soon, and my personal favorite for a girl is Madison! Boy I love Dylan or Connor wub.gif

Halo42101 replied: I like Travis, Connor & Dylan for a boy & Claudia, Natalie, Madison (reminds me of my b/f) & Jessica for a girl of course. wub.gif They are all such nice names. Congratulations on finding out the sex of your baby soon & good luck picking out a name. hug.gif

AlexsPajamaMama replied: Natalie and Connor

braeden's mommy replied: For the boy's name, I like Dylan Edward....

For the girl's name, I like Natalie Elizabeth...

Just trying to help with the middle name smile.gif

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