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Baby Ayden is here - MOM2BAK Tamara

TANNER'S MOM wrote: He arrived at 4pm and his very healthy. Blakely is a great big sister and Mom and baby boy are doing great!

luvmykids replied: wub.gif I'm so happy for them, can't wait to see pics! wub.gif

Anthony275 replied: yay congrats. i was thinking about that around 4pm actually

punkeemunkee'smom replied: baby.gif wub.gif baby.gif

Welcome baby Ayden!!!

Our Lil' Family replied: Welcome Mr. Ayden!!!

A&A'smommy replied: Welcome to the world baby Ayden!!!! love2.gif love2.gif

Insanemomof3 replied: Welcome Ayden!!! So glad it went well can't wait to see pics!!!! baby.gif

PrairieMom replied: wub.gif

Twelve Volt Man replied: Great news! Welcome to another PC baby.

Calimama replied: Aww, congrats!!! I bet he's so cute! wub.gif

DillsMommy replied: wub.gif Congrats! I bet he's a cutie! wub.gif

MoonMama replied: YAY!!!! wub.gif baby.gif CONGRATS and welcome baby Ayden!!!! love2.gif

grapfruit replied: biggrin.gif Yeah! can't wait to see pictures of him!!

Thanks for sharing!! smile.gif

BAC'sMom replied: Congrats! baby.gif

AlexsPajamaMama replied: baby.gif Welcome Ayden! Congrats! wub.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Welcome to the world, Ayden!! wub.gif wub.gif

Congrats Tamara, Larry and Blakely!!! hug.gif

kimberley replied: wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif Congrats Tamara and welcome to the world Ayden!!!!!!! i can't wait to see pics!!!!!!!! wub.gif baby.gif

CantWait replied: Welcome baby Ayden baby.gif wub.gif
Congrats Tamara hug.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: hug.gif hug.gif Congrats and welcome!!

Boys r us replied: CONGRATS!!!!!! wub.gif hug.gif wub.gif I'm so happy, I'm crying for you Tam!!!!!!
I cannot wait to see pictures!

MotherForever2043 replied: CONGRATULATIONS!!! hug.gif


Danalana replied: YAY! I can't wait to see pictures!

mom2patrick&jalin replied: WELCOME TO THE WORLD!! CONGRATS to mom, dad and Big Sis!!

mom21kid2dogs replied: hug.gif Welcome Ayden! hug.gif

lovemy2 replied: Welcome Baby Ayden wub.gif wub.gif Can't wait to see him baby.gif

3xsthefun replied: Congrats Tamara! hug.gif

Welcome to the world Ayden! wub.gif Can't wait to see pics!

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: I can't wait to see pics of the new family member, Tamara. Especially ones with Blakeley. wub.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: Congrats to all of you hug.gif hug.gif
Welcome to the world Ayden hug.gif hug.gif

Kirstenmumof3 replied: baby.gif CONGRATULATIONS TO MOM AND FAMILY! baby.gif

MommyToAshley replied: I am so happy for them. Congratulations Tamara!

I can't wait to see the pics!!!!

Mommy2Isabella replied: wub.gif baby.gif Congrats

My2Beauties replied: wub.gif wub.gif I love little babies! Awww Congratulations Tamara!!!!

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