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Average Joe Hawaii?? Help... - Who won, I fell asleep...(pos. spoiler)

booey2 wrote: wacko.gif Hi, can someone help me out I fell asleep at the end of the show and missed who won.


maliksmommy replied: I did not watch the show until last night because I had to see what her big secret was. Well anyways she picked Gill, I felt so bad for the other guy. He seemed so sweet!! So her and Gill go on this vacation and she tells him that her ex-boyfriend used to be Fabio!! Gill totally freaked out and left her. It was crazy.

booey2 replied: Thanks, a guy in my office wanted to know too. I totally missed her big secret. I really wanted her to chose the average joe I wasn't too found of the hottie.

Kaitlin'smom replied: I had not watched till last night, was awake and so I watched, from what I saw the Averge Joe really cared about her and I could see she care for him, but she chose the hot guy (who I dont think was all that hot) well I am sorry but from just seeing the last episode that guy was not there for her as he said when asked what he hoped to get from this...his answer was to be an actor? HUH so I really think he was acting with her...and did not really care about her, I mean whats the big deal with her x being Fabio...he made a huge deal out of it, I dont understand nor did my DH why it was so bad. I think he used that to get out of what he did not want anyway. So in the end she hurt someone who really cared about her and got hurt herself. IMO good serves her right for going for looks rather than substance. Also I did not think Average Joe was bad looking at all...kinda cute in his own way.

booey2 replied:
thumb.gif I couldn't have said it any better myself.

CantWait replied: haha that's funny, Fabio. Good for her, I'm glad the guy left her rolling_smile.gif Prissy little princess.

jen replied: yea we watched all the episodes off and on again and happened to catch it lastnight! We were convinced her secret was going to be something totally stupid and blown out of proportion and WHAT DO YOU KNOW! it was........FABIO! GIVE me a BREAK! who cares! That guy is not every woman's dream! I am so sure! I don't think of him when I think of a hottie or the unattainable man, I honestly think of butter! Or I CAN"T BELIEVE IT IS NOT BUTTER! HA HA whatever! That was Gil's way out and IMHO LAME as anything! He was seeking a pat on the back from all the other guys that have been rejected by her and was just in it for the chase obviously. that is what she gets for being shallow and on the surface. Brian is not a bad looking guy! He just needs speech lessons, I can hardly understand him! But he is cute and honest and fun loving and I liked him! smile.gif

***oh and i almost forgot! My DH told me this and I did not believe him but FABIO was on a roller coaster at a theme park and got hit in the face by a GOOSE passing by and broke several bones in his face and had to get surgery! WHO GETS HIT BY A GOOSE ON A ROLLER COASTER??? blink.gif wacko.gif

MilMunchMOM replied: WELL...She had it coming!! remember her reaction in the beginning?? what a snot! I had started to like her until last night. She tore that guys heart out!! What is the big deal about Fabio??? I don't get it.

Kaitlin'smom replied:
HUH what...where did he hear this? if its true how wired and funny!

jen replied: okay here is the story about FABIO and the goose!

Actually my DH is a little bit of an exaggerator! He had a cut on his nose, not broken bones!! But the blow to the face my the goose killed the goose, it was found dead below!

A&A'smommy replied: LOL ya'll are too funny!!! But she did get what she deserved she should have chose the average joe! He really did care for her. LOL about the "hottie" leaving her, and ya'll are probably right he was just in it for the chase and to be an "actor"!!! LOL OMG Fabio was her secret how dumb!!!!

Kaitlin'smom replied:
rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

I find that sooo funny! LOL Oh my thanks for the laugh!

jen replied: Your Welcome Di,

I didn't believe Dh at first! That is crazy!!! But what a FREAK thing to happen!!! laugh.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied:
ya, that still is making me laugh to funny and so freeky!

Mom2Boyz replied: Larissa and Gil were on the Today show today, and apparently they made up. She said that they had been together for about 3 months now.
Who really cares about Fabio anyway? I didn't see why it was such a big deal.

jen replied:
I had no idea!!!! I wouldn't have taken someone back that dumped me for dating FABIO!!! I am so sure!!! But I guess whatever floats her boat!! Plus Gil needs more publicity if he wants to be an actor!!! So he probably just figured he would use her some more!!! laugh.gif

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