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Ashleys's first experience with playdough!

MommyToAshley wrote: We pulled out the playdough from Ashley's easter basket -- pretty flourescent pink and green cans. I opened the cans and showed Ashley how "squishy" it was and then let her grab some. I used one of the cutters to cut out a round shape with a duck in the middle. Ashley said, "Duck... cookie" and then tried to eat it! ohmy.gif I grabbed it out of her hands before she could stick it in her mouth, and she made the saddest face you have ever seen... she puckered up her lip, then her lip started to quiver and she started crying really hard. bawling.gif It broke my heart. I explained to her that it was not food, and then made a few things with the playdough. She liked squishing it and we made a happy face together out of the playdoh. I thought she understood that it wasn't food, but then she tried to eat a piece of the pink playdough... I guess it just looked too yummy. She cried again when I took it out of her hands before she could eat it. So, we put the playdough up for a later day.

ediep replied: thats funny!!! Poor kiddo.... rolling_smile.gif bawling.gif

I know that Jason would dothe same thing!!!

amynicole21 replied: Awww! I can just picture that pitiful face bawling.gif Poor baby! It does look kind of appetizing if you think about it though... like cookie dough. yummy.gif rolling_smile.gif

coasterqueen replied: Ahh, poor girl. grouphug.gif Kylie tried to eat it the first time I let her have it, but once I explained that it was play food, she was good about it. Does Ashley have a play kitchen and/or play food? Well, I showed Kylie how to *pretend* cook and eat play food. She has so much fun with doing that, she thinks it's so neat. So when we play with playdough, I just tell her "Kylie, we are making pretend stuff here, so don't eat it". So then she proceeds to pretend eat it, lol.

Kaitlin'smom replied: awww poor ashley, Kaitlin also tried to eat it so I put it up till she is a little older sad.gif

DansMom replied: That must have been so disappointing for Ashley! LOL! It does look yummy...

kit_kats_mom replied: I let Katherine eat some. It tastes pretty yucky and after a few small bites, she's never eaten it again.

jcc64 replied: Corey eats it too. She actually put a chunk in her mouth and choked on it. So now the play dough is in the closet.

juliajaj replied: Olivia responded the same way the 1st time we tried it last week, so I put it away. I figure I'm going to keep on trying each week until she understands it isn't food. She responded the same way to crayons, but after a couple of tries, she realized that they weren't something to put in her mouth.

5littleladies replied: Aww-I can just imagine the look on her face. My older girls play with playdoh and are always dropping it on the floor and if I don't notice it quickly enough Brianna grabs it and starts chowing down. Yuck! tongue.gif

A&A'smommy replied: AWW alyssa does the lip thing it kils me everytime! bawling.gif wub.gif

kimberley replied: awww poor Ashley! i guess it looked too yummy for her to resist. glad you had some fun with it.

MomToJade&Jordan replied: Poor Ashley. I think Jade would wind up doing the same thing. So I am waiting on the play doh. I would wait a couple of days and maybe try again. She might get a taste of it and decided afterwards that it's not food.

MommyToAshley replied:

LOL! Kylie is so cute. Thanks for the ideas. Ashley has a pretend stove and the Leap Frog shopping cart with food. It didn't take her long to realize that the leap frog food wasn't real food, but I guess the playdough looked yummier than plastic food.

She usually does well with crayons, although she did try to eat them at first too. We will try again later, but I don't think I could take another one of those heart-breaking cries. bawling.gif rolling_smile.gif

coasterqueen replied:
Aww Dee, I know what you mean. I'm also wondering if our littles are going through a stage right now with this crying like this. I say that because one day we were visiting IL's and Kylie threw something at MIL. I looked at her and said "Kylie, that's not nice". Her little lip quivered and she just started balling like crazy. I felt so bad. She never did that before and I didn't yell at her or anything, so it was weird. She's done that 3 or 4 times now in the last two months. So that's why I wonder if it's some kind of phase, some new feeling that are feeling, kwim?

jem0622 replied: Gabe & Nathan play with plah-doh. It is non-toxic. I'm sure they figured it might look appetizing so at least make it safe. Plus it is a great sensory activity for them. And they are at the stage where sensory activities just captivate them.

Sorry she got upset, but I wouldn't put it away. Now is a great time to engage her with this kind of thing.

Gabe does not get crayons often because he does try to eat them plus Nathan had some fun with our walls when he was younger. Thank goodness for that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! LOL.

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