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Ashley failed her hearing test in school...

MommyToAshley wrote: I can't remember if I told you all this, but we received a letter from the school nurse that Ashley failed her hearing test in school. They said she had problems with "low tones".

I am a bit confused as she passed her hearing test just fine at her 5 year check-up. The letter recommended taking her to a specialist, but I talked to her ped and made an appointment for her today. They want to make sure there isn't excess wax, fluid, or that she doesn't have an ear infection first.

She does hear words wrong a lot... sometimes it is pretty comical what she thinks has been said.... especially in music, she'll sing the wrong words to a song she hears on the radio. So, maybe there is an issue. Anyone else experience this?

jcc64 replied: I used to fail hearing tests occasionally at school, Dee Dee, and my hearing was totally fine until I starting doing the sound board at my husband's rock concerts. rolling_smile.gif
The equipment the school has is undoubtedly less sensitive than what your dr has. I'd follow up with an ENT just to ease your mind, but I have a feeling she's probably fine.
About the words to songs- everybody does that, right? Corey doesn't even attempt to sing real words half the time, as long as she gets the melody right. rolling_smile.gif

kimberley replied: i know Jade had to be professionally tested when she was little because it showed a deficiency on the basic test. it was wax build up. apparently she gets more than most kids so we have to be more diligent at cleaning her ears out but she is fine.

don't worry til you have to. i am sure everything is fine. hug.gif

jcc64 replied: Hey Kimberly- I have a question about wax buildup. We're always being told not to stick things in our kids ears. So exactly how do you clean her ears out? My kids are prolific wax producers (totally gross, btw), and I want so badly to go in there and yank it out, but how??

lisar replied: I wouldnt freak out. Lexi fails every single one that they give her at school. So I made them stop giving them to her. I would take her to the ENT and they have the whole sound proof room and all and she would pass it there. Her ENT said it could be cause thier machines arent as good or the ear phones arent as good or that she was being distracted by something else. But everytime I got a letter I had so many days to take her and have it checked. It was horrible. But Lexi has so many ear problems that I always had that doubt.
I finally refused to sign off on them giving her the test at school. So now they arent allowed to do anything with her ears.

amynicole21 replied: I agree with not worrying until you have to. Sophia failed her eye test 2 years ago and it turned out she just wasn't looking where she needed to be looking and it didn't register correctly. rolleyes.gif

A&A'smommy replied: I'm sure she is fine.. let us know how the ped. app. goes!!! hug.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: I bet she is fine hun
go by what your Ped says

DVFlyer replied: Have the school nurse take a hearing test on the same machine......... wink.gif

luvbug00 replied: Mya was "legaly deaf" at birth and has had hearing issues ever since. She has Very small ear cannals so it's hard for her to "grab" sound. It can be very annoying ( you can only call for her so many times rolleyes.gif ) but whatever we are used to it and arn't going to persue any surgery or anything to fix it. happy.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: hug.gif I would deffinalty wait to see what the ped says.

Oh and on wax build up, well cleaning ear the one time I had an ear infection as an adult (dang did it hurt) the do told me to squirt peroxide in there you know the stuff you can use to clean wounds. felt so weird but it deffinaly helped clean it out.

kimberley replied:
olive oil wink.gif couple of drops when she's in the bath. it all oozes out. lol

kit_kats_mom replied: Hopefully it's nothing. Mishearing songs? Happens all the time here. Katherine swears that Cotton Eyed Joe is "knock knock joe". rolling_smile.gif

redchief replied:
I don't know how well olive oil works as I've never used it. It's plausible that it would work fine. I am a huge producer of cerumen (ear wax). If there was a market for it I wouldn't have to work nearly as hard as I do. laugh.gif

I have used a product called Debrox for years when the cerumen in my ears was awful. I'm also guilty of putting things smaller than my elbow in my ears to clean them out, though this is ABSOLUTELY frowned upon.

Anyway, for Dee Dee. I failed my hearing tests as a child, as did Erin. I was diagnosed with some permanent hearing loss. Erin on the other hand was fine. She simply didn't hear things in the low range as well as most. This was, after examination, determined to be in the shape of her ears and in the way her brain processed the sounds coming in, but not to be a defect.

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