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Are they really mine now? - For those who have weaned

coasterqueen wrote: Because if they are I don't want them! laugh.gif Megan has weaned now, boy was it so easy peasy. I guess when you let them gently wean when they are ready it's a piece of cake! Made me happy. Although I thought I'd have my "plumpness" a bit longer only to find out my boobs deflated OVERNIGHT. I swear ladies, OVERNIGHT! I don't want these flabby icky, deflated things. I want my old ones back. I know all of you who have weaned know what I'm talking about. bigthink.gif Or maybe you don't, maybe I'm one of those unlucky ones. unsure.gif tongue.gif

Anyways, I feel like I've been nursing or pg for so long it's sad. I've been having migraines lately and forgot that I can now take Exederin (my all time fav headache drug). Then I remembered I can drink lots of coffee now, take pepto bismal (my fav stomach drink, lol), etc.

Ok, I'm just rambling. tongue.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: mine did feel a bit deflated after but they did get the firmess back, sure not as great as they used to be but not bad. Give it time I hope they go back to some of what you had before. Oh and congrats not only to the weaning but the lenght/time/effort you put in to BF.

Hillbilly Housewife replied: Firm? What's that?

Mine have been bags of lumpy oatmeal for 5 years. laugh.gif

moped replied: I call mine big ol' tube socks!!!!!!!!!!

I feel your pain!

luvmykids replied: I never got firmness back and for that matter lost volume laugh.gif I didn't have much to begin with but have even less now. They'll never be the same unless I invest some money rolling_smile.gif

coasterqueen replied:
laugh.gif I shouldn't laugh, but that's what I guess I should call mine. rolleyes.gif

A&A'smommy replied: lol Karen you crack me up!!! I'm glad it went smoothly for you two!!

Insanemomof3 replied: I was deflated too. sad.gif They are not quite so bad now...but if I am bent over a certain way...icky they look crappy. blush.gif

DansMom replied: I was so glad to get mine back. I have deflated a bit, but there wasn't much there to deflate to begin with. The best thing for me was eating cheese, cheese, cheese again! And having milk on my cereal. Mmmm mmmm.

Jamison'smama replied: I have mine back too....after 4 years of nursing or being pregnant...they are not to be admired. These sandbags will never be what they once were....and they weren't even that great to begin with.

I think we should all have tatoos on our chests that say something......someone give me a good slogan for well used breasts.

kimberley replied: laugh.gif glad you got some freedom back.. enjoy the pepto and coffee.. tho hopefully not together LOL

ya, deflation occurs sadly. that's why bras with inserts were invented rolling_smile.gif

and the slogan.. do like mc d's.. over 1billion meals served laugh.gif

CantWait replied: Yup, mine are a flappy not so fun mess. No perky boobs here either. dry.gif

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: You girls are cracking me up! I seriously LOL with the tube socks!! rolling_smile.gif Sorry Karen, but you're not alone...I think every BF mom I know has gone through this. My sister calls them saggy fried eggs on her chest! laugh.gif My sister and her friends had a bathing suit party (sorta like a Mary Kay party but with bathing suits). So they all tried on bathing suits together and she told me that she was happy to find that ALLLLLL the moms there had saggy deflated boobs. They all sorta laughed about it! I have always had small boobs so I'm unfortunately sorta used to it. wink.gif

ZandersMama replied: i've got the floppy fried eggs going on. But, I also have one that is AA and one that is B. So i am all messed up. rolleyes.gif

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