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Anyone here eat all organic/all natural? - or mostly organic/natural

3_call_me_mama wrote: We recently switched to all natural/organic (well organic as far as we can afford) foods. Mainly for the health reasons but specifically for Cameron's benefit. We have noticed a lot of behavior coorelations with teh food he was eating. Now we arent' really a JUNK household but soem things that we were allowing I have realized are major nonos for him especially. 3 weks into our experiment and his behavior has done almost a 180. Seriously. My question is
Those that eat all organic or mostly organic/ all natural what do you guys eat!!!
I'm mainly talking in terms of snacks for kids. I'm afraid to buy soem things cause I'm afraid they'll taste terrible (I know BAD but some health food taste nasty to me sad.gif ) But the kids are not nut kids they dont care for them much (nut butters are ok but not crazy about them) So we've been doing dried fruit, fruit leather, and veggie booty type stuff. but need more suggestions. Things that tast good but dont' cost too much, and some tried adn true favorites especially of your younger kids. Thanks In advance smile.gif biggrin.gif

C&K*s Mommie replied: Have no idea. My mother is the natural foods on ocassion person, I buy on even less on ocassion.

But I am glad you son has had a behaviour change with this change in diet. That may be enough inspiration to make a switch with our girls. smile.gif

kit_kats_mom replied: we do organic milk, some organic meats, some organic treats (the cookies we've gotten are really good) and some organic produce. Basically any produce that you eat the skins on (apples, berries mainly) is what we buy organic.

3_call_me_mama replied: Thanks ladies smile.gif
We jsut started with snacks and meat for now.. mostly cause that's what he eats teh most of. We are now (with this weeks groceries) are addin gthe produce.. we foudna co-op not too far away and it has decent prices. The milk we are gonna wait on for now cause we get it from wic free and never even use what we get (usually pass it out ot family and friend) but we soon won't qualify for wic anymore adn then when we have to buy it we will buy the organic.
OH and the animal crackers we found were AWSOME!!! (Evne DH liked them !! LOL)
Oh is soy milk considered organic? anyone feed that to their kids... I thin k i rememebr a post about it in here somewhere.. maybe brianne?? I'm leary cuase i have heard mixed things about it. smile.gif
I'll keep ya update on the behavior improvement!

Kaitlin'smom replied: My co-worker gave me some veggies chips, they are organic and really quite tasty. They look like patoto chips but made with veggies.

3_call_me_mama replied: OH yummy we'll have to try them smile.gif
OH we did also get these things called "tings" that taste exactally like wise cheese doodles without that fake cheese taste. (They are just corn crunches really, but taste great!!)

Maddie&EthansMom replied: wavey.gif We are an organic family biggrin.gif

Any of Annie's Homegrown is really good. We buy lots of her snacks and other things. Our grocery store has tons of organic products. Each aisle has an organic section..that makes it nice b/c I just skip to that section and buy from it. thumb.gif

Organic food (aside from being good for you) tastes SO MUCH better!!! The flavor is amazing. And it's amazing how well your body adjusts once you get all that extra crap out of it like corn syrup, veg. oils, animal fat, dyes, etc tongue.gif

Do you have a whole foods near you? If you shop there you might want to check the labels b/c sometimes they aren't as 'healthy' or 'whole' as they seem. wink.gif

Fruit is always good, too. Good luck! thumb.gif

C&K*s Mommie replied: I am not sure if soy is really considered, organic. I would imagine so, but IDK for certain.

Our girls love chocolate soy milk. Christian loves milk period, and also likes the white soy milk. Kellie, who is not a milk drinker, prefers the chocolate. I like the chocolate myself too.

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: It's only organic if it says 100% organic on the package. So no, not ALL soy milk is organic. And the words "all natural" do NOT mean organic. My ILs have been in the natural foods industry for 30 years, so I know a thing or two, although I didn't grow up eating this way. When DH and I were first married, it was all I bought, but now that we have to be on a more strict budget, I get only some things organic and buy the rest at Walmart. Which by the way, you can get some organic things at Walmart these days! I will always buy dairy completely organic, plus eggs. So I buy Horizon brand whole milk for Wil and I actually get it at Walmart at about $2 less than the HFS. Horizon also makes a great cottage cheese. I also buy the organic Yo Baby yogurts, also at Walmart! For snacks, Annie's brand makes some great bunny crackers (taste just like goldfish but have less saturated fat). They also make mac'n'cheese and probably cookies (not sure). Earth's Best makes cereal bars, but a bit pricey IMO. Dietsel brand makes great packaged lunchmeats and turkey sticks, but again, very $$. Other good snacks - baked tofu (they sell it already baked in the refrigerator section), tempeh (not sure kids would like it, but it tastes good to me), edamame (soy beans, sold in the frozen section, very cheap). I also buy the fruit leathers and there is a brand that makes these little cereal bears (can't remember the name, but it will be in the babyfood section). Ezikiel bread is highly nutritious, but can be hard for kids. Try their muffins or raisin bread! YUM! Also, spelt pasta is also really good for you and I personally don't think it tastes all that different than the regular kind. Just gets clumpier. As far as produce, I try and buy organic when I can, but if I can't, I just peal everything and wash it real good! Broccoli and strawberries are best organic because they carry the most pesticides. blahblah.gif Sorry to blab your ear off!

I do believe what you're saying about the change in Cameron's behavior. Especially when it comes to meat - I think the added hormones can truly change our mood...But unfortunately, my DH is such a big eater, that we just can't afford to buy our meats at a HFS unless it's a special occasion. I just try and stick to lean ground turkey or buffalo (which is a VERY lean red meat). Try ground buffalo with the kids (makes great chili). Wil loves it!

I worry about what I'm buying Wil lately too, but I get so tired sometimes and packaged processed food is just sometimes easier. tongue.gif You do what you can...Good luck!

MyLuvBugs replied: Ya know we try to, but since we moved to NE from CA it's been hard to find the stuff that we like that's organic. But we like veggies and fruits (fresh), that's our big thing. But it's tough to find a good natural foods place around here that's open all year. Most are only open spring/summer/and part of fall. sad.gif

As for snack for kids....fruits are good (always rolleyes.gif ). Lorelei likes a couple slices of apple with her milk for snack, but lately it's been animal crackers. (Bad mommy sad.gif ) Organic PB on whole wheat crackers is a good one too.

3_call_me_mama replied: Thanks Aimee adn Rae and everyone else This is what I was Looking for. people that have tried it and got good results ! LOL
There isn't a Whole Food snear us but a similar things about 1/2 hour away so we go there. We got teh annies bunny grahams and cheddar bunnies. You're so right about the taste . IT's amazingly different! And especially good t know about WalMart as we get groceries there sometimes. So I'l be on teh look out.
OH yeah- anyhting we should avoid? that just doesn't taste good?

My3LilMonkeys replied: I eat as natural/organic as possible while still having to supply processed junk for DH because he is about the unhealthiest eater on the planet. rolleyes.gif

I try to eat as much unprocessed food as possible. So my snacks are mostly fruits & veggies. But there have been some great suggestions here - I'll have to try some out.

luvmykids replied: My kids love the chocolate soy milk and fruit leathers, and there's also a cheese popcorn called Pirates Booty that they love .... we don't eat a lot of organic but I do try to stick with organic meats and dairy. I don't know how true it is but I saw a show about girls developing so much earlier these days because of all the hormones in meats.

jcc64 replied: Rae pretty much nailed all of our greatest hits. We LIVE on Annie's single serve mac n cheese- totally organic- nothing in the ingredients you woudn't recognize and ready in just 3 minutes. I like to throw in some spinach or peas- my kids are totally used to that. I'm also pretty rigid about organic dairy and meats- and fruits and veggies in the summer. Here in NY- sometimes the organic produce in the winter doesn't travel all that well, and I'd rather buy frozen stuff until it warms up enough to buy local. Also like organic all natural peanut butter- mainstream peanut butters like Jiff or Peter Pan add unecessary stuff, and your kids will get used to it after awhile. I would suggest just walking around in a health food store and trying things out. Some things are good, some taste kind of nasty. There are a lot of good organic cereal bars and convenience frozen foods like spinach and cheese munchies (like pizza rolls), enchiladas, pizzas, etc. A GREAT frozen brand is Amy's- breakfast burritos, stuffed shells, lasasna, etc. You'll pay more, but you know every ingredient in there is an actual nutricious food, as opposed to preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, etc.
Good for you- the price tag hurts, but it's a great "investment", right?

Brias3 replied: We do occasionally have organic foods in the house but I'm not really partial to it over regular. I do like organic milk better than regular, as does everyone in my family now. As far as the kids snacks go, I'll occasionally get some all-natural granola bars for them which they like pretty well but we've tried organic fruit snacks and gummy bears and they taste weird- I tried them too and agreed. They do prefer all-natural mac n'cheese (the Annie's stuff mentioned) and I typically buy alot of organic fruit and veggies- specifically strawberries and cherry tomatoes.

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