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Anyone Seen Lisar?

TheOaf66 wrote: I haven't seen lisa at all this week, did she go on vacation and I missed it or something?

Crystalina replied: I usually see her somewhere else but dang it she hasn't been there either. unsure.gif sad.gif

lovemy2 replied: She hadn't been feeling well right and had some MD appts? I hope all is ok lisar - we are thinking of you hug.gif hug.gif

Calimama replied: Hmm I was thinking about not seeing her yesterday! Hope everything is okay. hug.gif

Anthony275 replied: has anybody heard from CantWait? last thing she said she was going away for ONE week, which was about a month ago.

luvbug00 replied: missing persons list:



mackaylees mom ( been MIA for forever miss ya brianne!)

any and all of you are sorely missed and we hope you are all ok Please get on here and give us an update when you can!!

Crystalina replied:
Oh really!

I just assumed she changed her name. huh.gif I lost alot of members when there was the name changing fiasco. I only say it was a fiasco because it was for me. emlaugh.gif I still get all tangled up with who's who. Moped always loses me until I see her siggy. I always think she's new. rolling_smile.gif

Anthony275 replied: i looked at can'twait's posts, and its a couple months off. i dont get it? it did that with somebody else's and i know they didnt get a name change

luvmykids replied:
With members who have been here awhile and racked up a lot of posts it doesn't always show their most recent ones...I think it stops after a certain number of pages or something.

moped replied: Lisa is fine -

Boo&BugsMom replied: Marie (Can'tWait) use to be on my MySpace too, and I think she deleted her account because it's not there anymore. Hum.....

Lisa, WHERE ARE YOU??? We hope you are ok!!! Marie too, that is strange. unsure.gif

Hillbilly Housewife replied: Marie's around, I got poked by her on facebook. cool.gif

lovemy2 replied:
I take it you heard from her? Send her our good wishes hug.gif

lisar replied: I am here thanks everyone for thinking of me. And missin me. I have just been so darn busy at work that I havent had alot of time to be on here. But it is slowing down so I will be back.

Thanks yall it makes me feel loved.

TheOaf66 replied: hug.gif hug.gif missed u lots lisa

lovemy2 replied:
You are hug.gif

lisar replied: I will be on tomorrow. Its time to leave already today.

Calimama replied:
Oo welcome back!! hug.gif

sparkys2boys replied: Glad that all is fine too.. welcome bk from the missing!!!

A&A'smommy replied: haha glad you showed back up!!! see ya tomorrow (well when you see this it probably will be tomorrow tongue.gif ) wavey.gif

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