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Any fish experts here? - ICK

PrairieMom wrote: I have fish problems.

We bought Ben a fish tank for his room about 2 weeks ago, and he is super in love with it, and the fish. He wants to keep them for 100 years. dry.gif rolleyes.gif

Well, long story short, we have been battling ICK for the past week or so, it has finally claimed its victim (poor stripy fish) and For some reason Poor frogy bit the dust too, both this morning when Ben was in school.

To combat the ick i have been changing out 50% of the tank water every day and using that jungle brand ick guard, plus adding a few Tsp. of salt to the tank. (my web research said to do this) unsure.gif

Well, now that the fish has died, do I still need to treat the water? we have a yellow fish with a few tiny spots on his tail, but nothing to bad. I guess ICK is always present in a tank, and stressed fish get it, so should I stop stressing my fish by changing the tank all the time or keep treating the ick? my online research says that I need to treat 14 days past when the spots go away to fully get rid of it.

Someone please tell me they know what to do. wacko.gif

CantWait replied: Do the spots look like fluff? If so this is actually a bacteria that needs to be treated with an inexpensive liquad found at your fish store. There are tons of bacteria and the fish may have had it before you even brought them home.

PrairieMom replied:
they look like tiny grains of salt. I am pretty sure it is ICK, I have battled it before with previous attempts at aquariums. But the stuff I bought at the store didnt seem to do a thing.

moped replied: Ok, sorry but what is ICK.....

I used to have fish and don't recall anything like that

PrairieMom replied:
Its a bacteria that causes white spots on the fish. it can kill them. Apparently it is always present in the tank, but weak, or stressed fish can't fight it off.

moped replied:
Oh darn!!!!

So can you get a small pump so the water doesn't stay stagnant

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: I have no advice, but your post had me change my mind about getting the boys a fish for Xmas! wink.gif

PrairieMom replied:
I have a filter and heater and all that, so the water is moving all the time. I took the actual filter cartridge out tho, so it wouldn't filter out all the medicine I had been puting in there.

mom21kid2dogs replied:
Seriously, they're harder/more work than dogs!!

Sorry, Tara~we've done the swim bladder problem but not Ick. Good luck treating it!

PrairieMom replied: So much stress for a friggin FISH! growl.gif

The main reason I wanted to get them was so I could have nutrient rich water to water my plants with, since I am trying to be green, but good grief. Poor Ben is going to be devastated when he finds out. bawling.gif

Calimama replied:
Poor Ben!! sad.gif hug.gif hug.gif

Anthony275 replied: use the stress coat, 2 of my fish have died suddenly and i think its because i havent used that in awhile

PrairieMom replied:
is that something you can get at a place like Petco? I will have to go shopping tomorrow. rolleyes.gif
I decided that I am going to continue to treat my tank since when I look super close I think our loach has a few spots on him. so, we are down to 3 fish, 2 of which have spots. When these all die I will bleach the whole thing out, and try again I guess. sad.gif

Anthony275 replied: yeah it's in a little bottle

user posted image

when you go to the store, ask them about the ick.

if you're really concerned, take the fish out into a pot or soemthing and clean the tank good

PrairieMom replied:
that looks firmilliar. I will get some tomorrow.
I don't know if taking them out and cleaning the tank will do any good. apparently ICK has 3 stages in its life cycle, and it has colonized my fish, so even if I bleach out the tank and all that, when I put them back in they will re-infect the water. rolleyes.gif This shouldn't be this hard. They are stupid fish. wacko.gif We had a tank growing up, and never ever had problems like this. banghead.gif

Anthony275 replied: what kind of fish are they?

PrairieMom replied:
I have a chineese algae eater, the happiest and healthiest of the bunch, probably since the filter isn't working right now, a Loach, I don't remember exactly what kind, and some sunrise/ sunburst something. Its yellow and orange. cool.gif

PrairieMom replied:

and I think this is the yellow guy

Anthony275 replied: when these die i reccommend you getting cichlids, tons of different kinds, and maybe one fish you had in the tank got the others sick and shouldnt be together?

PrairieMom replied: Are they fresh water fish? I googled some and they look pretty fancy and big. Are they expensive?

kimberley replied:
i totally agree growl.gif

sorry, Tara, i actually gave up on fish altogether. i tried every treatment, cleaning often etc and they still kept dying. if you do plan to continue with fish, i suggest buying them from a proper fish store or reputable pet store. that way you won't deal with sickies.

PrairieMom replied:
I thought I was doing good by getting them at Petco. I will try a different pet store next time. I don't remember it being this hard when we had our tank when I was little. what a PITA.
I spend my whole day boiling and setting water aside so I have water to change the tank. I switch about 8 gallons out every day trying to get rid of this stuff. I think I may just let them be, live out their short little fishey lives, and start over.

kimberley replied: don't you use the drops? we had drops that took 5 seconds to "clean" tap water for fish. i used to boil and leave on the counter til some nice guy at Al's Fish store told me i didn't need to lol

PrairieMom replied:
yeah, I have the water conditioning drops, and also ick guard that I am putting in there. I am just doing everything in my power to keep those stupid fish alive. rolleyes.gif I am mostly boiling the water just incase.

kimberley replied: hug.gif hug.gif you are one dedicated fish mama. props for that lol. hope it gets better. hug.gif

Anthony275 replied:
oh no, i think i got 2 of mine for $5 each at one time, they're usually in that price range. they get HUGE though, the worker at the store told me they can grow as big as the tank

gr33n3y3z replied:
I wouldnt use salt in a fresh water tank
Keep using the ick med. like it says to do and if they all should die off clean the tank with bleach and rinse very well and let it dry out for a few days then re rinse it and start over
I stay away from Big chain pet stores for my fish I go to the mom and pop stores

PrairieMom replied:
All the web research I have done said to use from 1 tsp salt in 10 gallons to 1Table spoon salt per gallon of water. I have read it in probably 5 different places. It makes me a bit nervous to do, I have only put in 1tsp in my 10 gallon tank, and my fish seem to tolerate it fine. well... except for the ones that died... huh... rolling_smile.gif
I visited a fish-message board today and I am doing everything recommended by the "experts" there. Stupid fish.

on a side note, IMO that fishey board was lame-o and I won't be ditching you guys for them anytime soon. rolling_smile.gif

A&A'smommy replied: yikes Tara that sucks!!! hug.gif

mom21kid2dogs replied:
laugh.gif Sorry to laugh but when one of our goldfish got swim bladder, I went there, too. There were insanely helpful and got my poor fishy through it for several more months but I just can't imagine ever being that into my fish!!

The Children's Librarian at our library used the salt water treatment for the fish tank at the library, too, for some problems they had there. I think it helped some but their fish eventually died,too.

PrairieMom replied:
I know, I keep thinking "what kind of people are these?" blink.gif They are into fish like we are into our children. rolleyes.gif They are way into numbers and statistics there, and I can't understand a thing they are talking about. I'm going to the fish store today to see if they can help.
Apparently Ich is the most common and easiest to cure of all fish tank issues, they were saying they get rid of theirs in 24 hours, and I am going on day 5 now. unsure.gif Stupid fish.

PrairieMom replied: Well,. I bought some "cycle" go get the good bacteria into my tank, and some different ICK guard, and hopefully it will start to work. I put the stuff in today, and so far all my fisheys look happy. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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