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Anger Poll

cameragirl21 wrote: Again, self explanatory, feel free to comment or not. happy.gif

luvbug00 replied: I am rarely truely angry but when i am beware all those in my path! growl.gif

grapfruit replied: Ok I DO want to explain. I said the second from the bottom (rarely angry?)

In general I'm good. I let the small stuff slide and all that jazz. I think it really depends on WHO I'm dealing w/and a number of other factors.

I get mad at "stupid people" fairly easily. For instance my mom. She says and does things that frankly are "beneath" her. I know that sounds so snobbish, but I'm serious. When you meet somebody that was "brought up well" in a good home, maybe w/some money, educated etc. You expect them to talk and act approprietly.

Granted, there is some "rub off", (example, I live in a slightly "hill billy" community and Tim said I've picked up a lot of neuances, like saying tred meal instead of tred MILL)

But she takes to the extreme. Example: in church yesterday we were sitting up front b/c Tim and I needed Confirmed (and he took his First Communion at the same time). It was a little last minute, a couple in our RCIA classes had to get it done so they could be God Parents. So he figured, if he was doing it for them, he might as well do the entire class. He called us and left us a message on Tue, we didn't get it until Thurs. So yeah, short notice. Couple that w/he's a bit (lot) scattered brained. He sort of forgot us. He realized it immediatly, and apologized and we continued on. He was making faces and laughing in the FRONT ROW. I was so embarrassed.

So stuff like that makes me mad. growl.gif

I hate answering the phone when its her b/c 99% of the time I'm going to hang up mad.

Oh and that reminds me, Jennifer (Cameragirl) did they let you become that boy's God Mother?

Crystalina replied: I try to count and breath to myself when I hit that anger point. I have to have a minute to myself and usually that works.

stella6979 replied: I'll admit I've been a little more angry lately as life is just tough right now, but I really do try to keep it under control as best I can. Sometimes, I'll just go to the garage and scream it out. emlaugh.gif

luvmykids replied: I'm easily annoyed, but not truly angry very often. If I am, it's because something is REALLY bad or I've been pushed way too far.

cameragirl21 replied:
I've been his godmother since I baptized him when he was 2...he is now 9...where did the time go? huh.gif
The issue wasn't about my becoming his GM but rather that his mom doesn't want him getting his holy communion (both of his brothers didn't have theirs either) but I wanted him to and when he got baptized, she said that would be my decision since she didn't care but when it came time to signing him up for CCD, it was too much work for her to take him and they wouldn't let me sign him up without her. Don't even get me started on that, talk about a major source of anger. growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif
Anywho, since that incident, I feel like I have failed as a godmother even though it's not my fault because I did all I could to get him into CCD but his mom did not cooperate. Needless to say, when I was asked again to be a GM, I politely declined...I've come to realize that despite my good intentions, there is a reason why the Catholic church prefers Catholics to be the godparents. As a Jew, truly, I am just not qualifed. My godson thinks having a Jewish godmother is the coolest thing ever but I often wonder if I am really up to the task. sleep.gif

luvbug00 replied: Jennifer, don't feel bad about it. Really your there to assist in his religous followig behind the parents. If they say no then it's their choise to make and you are there to support and give your gentle segesstion, if they don't listen then there is nothing you can do. What you can do is just read him the bible if you want and ask him what he has learned at church and that sort of thing. Since you are Jewish i see it more as a gift. teach him about what you know in the OT. after all Jesus was Jewish. happy.gif

grapfruit replied:
I know that my Priest said that one MUST be Roman Catholic (if he was baptised Roman Catholic) and the other SHOULD be, but can be a Christian. I didn't think, but I'm not sure, that Jews are Christian. (that's a question really, so feel free to answer tongue.gif) So I wasn't sure how that stood.

Really, it's foremost the responsibility of the PARENTS to raise their child in the Catholic faith. That's what they agree to during baptisim. The GP are there for support, and if something happens to the child, to continue the teachings in the Church. Finally the Church as a community must be there to help guide the child in teachings, mostly by being a good example. It's a great thought, unfortunally there are a lot of "way ward" Catholics.

I love the tradition of Mass and the history. Religion intrests me greatly. Especially the Jewish Religion/culture (b/c I'm aware they are two seperate things). Probably because the traditions and history as well. There's not a large Jewish community around me. In fact I only know of one Synagog (sp??) and it isn't even used. They rent it out.

Calimama replied: It takes a lot to get me truly angry but not a lot to hurt my feelings. Makes no sense to me. wacko.gif

A&A'smommy replied:
first of all Jennifer you didn't fail him you did what you could it was up to his mother to help you and vice versa you have done your part and thats all you can do hug.gif hug.gif

I'm rarely ever angry but I'm DEFINITELY easily annoyed especially since getting pregnant with Autumn and afterwards.. it really sucks because i wasn't like that before being pregnant with her

Boys r us replied: rarely angry. Though I admit there are some people who just push my buttons and I find myself getting angrier easier with them..those people are few and far between though...

HuskerMom replied: I have a short temper so I get irritated easily, but not really angry. I usually just breathe and take a few minutes to myself if I can. And then while both kids are napping I relax and make myself an iced mocha, usually calms me down pretty good. tongue.gif

ZandersMama replied: I am angry alot lately, but never was. alot of it i think has to do with my kids dad, and the anger kind of just gets buried down till im angry with myself for ever even marrying him sad.gif so really angry alot of the time but not on the outside, just inside if that makes sense.............

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