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A serious concern.....I'm probably overreacting

My2Beauties wrote: Ok for the past month or so DH and I have been noticing that whenever Aubrey is extremely tired and whiny and/or (because these usually happen at the same time) if she is taking a bottle she takes her right hand and either pulls her hair (hard, but not to the point where she makes herself cry) or she smacks herself in the face over and over and over until she finally falls asleep. She doesn't do this every single time, but I'd say 85% of the time maybe 80%. Anyways, I have never seen a baby do this before and I'm wondering (God you guys are going to think I'm retarted I swear), is this a sign of Autism? I know kids with Autism do things like this but she is a baby and I know you usually can't see signs until they are usually around the age of 2. Aubrey, otherwise, is very normal and extremely intelligent. She is already trying to walk at 9 1/2 months, she waves bye bye, can put food in her mouth, knows her name (she turns her head when you call for her), knows when it's time for routine things (bathtime, time to eat, etc...). She can say mama, dada, sissy and bye (maybe trying to say baba or ball too), and she even "plays" with Hanna seriously. I know most babies don't do this, but she plays hide and seek like she knows what is going on. She crawls extremely well and like I said is cruising and acting like she is going to take off any day now. It's just these behaviors sort of bother me because I have never ever seen a kid do this. I know I'm probably overreacting but I swear I'm so freaked out about this stuff now.... wacko.gif with all these vaccines and uh's crazy!

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: If she is reaching all her normal milestones like you describe, I wouldn't worry. Sounds like the smacking is just a coping mechanism for when she is tired, perhaps a way to self-sooth - especially since she falls asleep afterward. It sounds normal IMO. I know that they can't diagnose autism that young. Plus, from what I've heard, most children with characteristics of autism typically do not respond to their name, they have a hard time focusing on something (ie; your face when you call them or playing with a toy). Sounds like Aubrey doesn't have this issue. Again, I think she is just showing signs of being tired and trying to express it the best way she knows how. I actually think that the fact she is "expressing" herself is a good sign. wink.gif

Jackie012007 replied: Carly pullled her hair hard like that too when she was over tired at that age - I was curious/worried too and mentioned it to the Ped, who said it was nothing to worry about. That's just her way of soothing herself - strange as it may be. Carly is a little over a year now and instead of pulling hard, she has learned to stroke her own hair over time, and that is how she falls asleep now.

sparkys2boys replied: I wouldn't worry a whole lot yet and keep an eye on it and if it gets worse then call your ped or if not just bring it up on here next exam. hug.gif

A&A'smommy replied: what she is doing is a sign of frustration it is just how she is dealing with it, I really wouldn't worry too much about it hug.gif hug.gif

lovemy2 replied: Dylan used to wave his arm like he was waving bye bye but with his whole arm - it freaked me out too but he is perfectly fine......sometimes its them just trying to get better motor control too....

bawoodsmall replied: I know it's hard but dont get yourself all worked up!!! I had worries about Aiden when he was younger because he wouldnt let me hold him. He would arch his back and scream!!! That was one of the warning signs because they dont like that closemess I think?? I was freaking out!! Kids have their own personality and their own little quirks. It does sound like a stress reliever to me and she is doing so well otherwise. Just mention it to your ped next time.

Oh and now Aiden wants to be held - imagine that...little stinker!!!

mckayleesmom replied: I wouldn't worry....lots of kids have different coping mechanisms....Some pull their hair, twist their hair...pull their ears...etc.

Boo&BugsMom replied:
Yep. Aiden twitches his leg, and Tanner bangs his head against his pillow. Weird, but they are perfectly normal and healthy. laugh.gif

I agree, don't worry about it. hug.gif Most children with autism are withdrawn and will give you a lot of social cues, and from what you discribed she certainly is not that way. smile.gif

ZandersMama replied: you are not over reacting at all you are being a good mom hug.gif I had zav tested, because he was doing similer things. I had early intervention here and everything. He is fine, kids are just weird sometimes. I wouldnt worry too much about it, but mention it to the doctor just to ease your mind.

My2Beauties replied: Shew thank you guys. Geez, I didn't even think about it being a coping mechanism blush.gif I swear I didn't. It never even hit me because I'm so paranoid about Autism. Aubrey pays very close attention when you talk to her and she "interacts" with everyone and is very social, so I take it those are all good signs! Thanks you guys are the best!

A&A'smommy replied:
hug.gif hug.gif I worry about Autism also!! hug.gif hug.gif

msoulz replied: Erin pulled her hair too, even when she only had a tiny tuft on her head. The doc said it was a soothing thing. Even now she twists her hair with her fingers when she is drinking milk (usually before nap time) and then yells "stuck!" when she is all twisted up. tongue.gif But it did worry me enough to ask the doc!

MomToJade&Jordan replied: Aubrey sounds like a healthy growing baby to me. wub.gif hug.gif Both of my girls play with the same ear when they are tired. When we were flying back to Hawaii while Jade was 9 months she was pulling at her ear and crying. Everyone was like her ears hurt and I am like no she's exhausted and that's what she does to sooth herself.

TrulyBlessed replied: It sounds to me like she is just fighting her sleep, my little one would hit herself a few times, but mainly she just tosses herself back and forth to keep herself awake and this was one she was about 3 years old.

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