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A mirror in the room??

MyLuvBugs wrote: So, we have the option of having a standing mirror in our delivery room so that I can "SEE" the baby come out. unsure.gif Did any of you do this?

It just seems icky to me, but at the same time interesting. wacko.gif Kinda like a car accident. Ya don't want to watch, but you just can't stop yourself from staring. rolleyes.gif

Jamison'smama replied: Mine had a mirror that the would roll out when the moment arrived---but then I had a C-section so I only have pictures of her being surgically removed from my belly.

coasterqueen replied: We had one. They brought it down so I could see Megan's head, then I told them to remove it because I really wasn't interested in seeing much more. tongue.gif Course Dh got LOTS of close-up shots of my you-know-what so I might as well of had the mirror. rolleyes.gif

MyLuvBugs replied:
rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

My DH is REALLY grossed out by blood and slime and stuff, so he refused to look the last time. I'm sure he'll do the same thing this time around. lol laugh.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: not something I want to see me do. DH only peeked a few times I dont have any pics of that or of him holding her the first time sad.gif as I was straped to a table with my stomach sliced open so I missed getting that picture of him and her.

PrairieMom replied: They asked me if I wanted one. NO WAY! I was way to busy concentrating on what I was doing to watch the "show" ohmy.gif laugh.gif They wanted me to reach down and feel the head too, but I was just wanting to get the whole thing over by then.

MyLuvBugs replied:
ewwwww!!! See I might consider looking, but definately not touching. I'm pretty tom-boyish, but I'm just prissy enough that that would totally gross me out. And these Baby Story episodes where the baby comes out and is placed directly on the moms belly....all slimey and stuff.....yeah, I gotta have a clean baby. laugh.gif Sorry, but ewww. smile.gif Baby's got to come out and go get dried off a bit first. lol laugh.gif

TheOaf66 replied: well speaking from up close experience, it is not really something you want to see, you are going to be dealing with enough as it is

luvbug00 replied: They wheeled it over and I yelled at them to take it awaaaayy!!!!!! eww God and If they asked me to tuch anything I'd yarf laugh.gif

maestra replied: I watched, and it actually helped me to see what I was doing- I had an epidural that was pretty strong, so I couldn't actually feel anything there. When I could see things moving I knew I was pushing with the right muscles. I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing that I didn't have time to find it gross.

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: Had the option, didn't use it. But they did lay Logan directly on my stomach. Yuck and all. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

luvmykids replied: I think it's a neat idea, but don't think I would have used it. I was too much in my own world.

BAC'sMom replied: That might have be a good idea, but trust me I was really not in the mood for a peep show.

CantWait replied: I didn't have the option with either, either that or I wasn't told. I also didn't ask, so no, and truthfully I don't really miss the experience.

gr33n3y3z replied: I did see the birth of my children
But I got to see 3 of my GF children being born and it was the best thing to watch while in pain and pushing your own out is totally diffrent seeing someone else doing it

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