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? about parents/inlaws - and christmas shoping

~KARA~ wrote: DO you have to give your parents of in laws ideas on what to get your kids for chirstmas???

I ask this cause the past 4 years my mil as asked what to get the kids. SO after this bugging the he** out of me for 4 years I asked her " how she ever bought for her kids?" her response was with my kids I knew what they had and what they liked. I know nothing about your kids, um thats not my fault!! Kaden is 3 months old and she has seen him 5 times at most.

holley79 replied: With DH's son we were always ask but this is because he lives with his mom and the grandparents only get to see him when we could get him over there. Since she's asking make suggestions for non annoying toys. LOL rolleyes.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: My MIL will go and scope out what she wants to buy clotheswise and then tell me b/c we have the same taste in kid's clothes and shop at the same stores so she always wants to make sure I didn't already buy it. As for toys she will buy whatever she knows the girls will like. She sees them 2-3 times a week so she has a good idea.

hug.gif hug.gif I'm sorry to hear you're having problems.

Mommy2BAK replied: everyone always asks me the same thing. I have a hard enough time doing my own shopping. rolleyes.gif

3_call_me_mama replied: We give them a list of what the kids are into adn what we got them and they go from there. It isn't always somethign off the list but it gives them idea. also my MIL calls my mom and vice versa to make sure they aren't duplicating gifts. They always have cool ideas of their own though. (MIL got Kathleen a stuffed arm chair adn ottoman:) wiht ballerinas on it)

~KARA~ replied: [/QUOTE] I have a hard enough time doing my own shopping[QUOTE]

ME too. I had to tell MY mom to stop buying stuff so would have something to buy them!!

mom21kid2dogs replied: Actually, I prefer they ask me rather than leave them to their own devices! rolleyes.gif I've seen what they're ideas of an appropriate gift is~my MIL, especially. She apparently thinks Olivia is developmentally challenged. In her defense, she adopted my husband & his sister when they were 11 & 12 so she really is clueless when it comes to this. My parents shop for 15 grandchildren ages 23 to 15 months and 3 great grandchildren, so I don't begrudge them asking me. Actually, the only people I trust to shop for Olivia are my sister and my best friend. They always buy wonderful gifts!!

Personally, I have never asked anyone for a list. I love figuring out what a fun gift would be~especially before I had kids. But then again I would rather shop than just about anything else in life!! laugh.gif

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: I actually wish my in-laws would ask what Wil needs. I always get clothes from MIL, which is nice, but they are really expensive clothes from baby boutique stores where I can't take them back. I had to literally take her to a toy store once because I seriously think she never once thinks about toys or books. It's always clothes, always. We have enough!

My FIL on the other hand (they're divorced) will buy really expensive stuff too, which again, is nice, but it's never practical. Like baby Ugg boots that tie on and never STAY ON! $35 booties, never wore them. And the funny thing is, both MIL and FIL bought the same pair, so we have TWO pairs...never wore either! Or my FIL doesn't understand children's sizes, so we get things that are way too small.

My in-laws both have a lot of money, but they want to buy what they want to buy, which is typically things that are beautiful, but not necessarily beautiful in a kid's point of view, kwim?? I wouldn't be surprised if Wil gets his own cashmere sweater this year!!

MM'sMama replied: No but they seem them ALL the time so they pretty much know. Plus we both have siblings under the age or 10 so they are still "in the know" rolling_smile.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: they ask for ideas you give them and they dont get it mad.gif
So I dont give them ideas anymore

Boys r us replied: I think they're just looking for ideas!! My inlaws do the samething, ask me what each of the kids would like and they see my kids every week and usually keep them for the whole weekend every other weekend. So they know what they are into..but at the sametime..perhaps they don't want to buy them something that I'm planning to buy them or have already bought or maybe they just want to see what *I* prefer that they get the kids. I'm sure they don't mean any harm in it!

~KARA~ replied: I wouldnt matter if the kids got double of anything cause one would stay at our house and the other would go to my moms. Mil iasnt aloud to buy the kids clothes cause she cant seem to buy the right sizes or buys thing that make the girls look like "hoochies"

Boys r us replied: Hmm..I don't know..I guess she's just trying to be nice by asking what you would like them to have. I know my MIL would do fine without asking me and I would be appreciative of anything she bought for myself or my kids...but for me, I'm glad that she asks, it shows she cares about my opinion!

5littleladies replied: Our kids make out Christmas lists each year for all of the grandparents. They love to do it and then everyone knows what they want. We used to have them done by Thanksgiving but now everyone wants to shop sooner so we may have to move that up by a few weeks. rolleyes.gif

coasterqueen replied: I prefer my IL's and all the family to ask and they do. tongue.gif For me it's not that they need to know what they'd like but kids change their minds so quickly all the time that it just works out for us to let them know what they want. Although I wait til the ask me, I don't just send them a list voluntarily.

Kaitlin'smom replied: they usauly have a pretty good idea what to buy her, but they do ask what she needs and wants I kike them to ask to me it shows they care and dont want me to have to sand in lines to return things. I do all the shopping for her great grandparents (well most grandpa still will pick out a outfit for her) I dont mind since I LOVE shopping for her. Now what did bug me is they woudl ask what I want or say if I dnt get a list I cant shop for you, fine here is the list (I always had a variety of things to choose from) and they hardly ever bought anyting off the list. growl.gif so they dont get one for me anymore so I get a gift card smile.gif

C&K*s Mommie replied: I give hints about what they may like... they do very well with either the hints/ on their own. Although I stress that they also consider buying things that have lasting power. Not just fad items. But they (parents on both sides) do well with or without me or Chris' ideas.

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